Anthropology and Sociology

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Examples of Research


  • “Where Trying to Conceive becomes a Community Effort: An Analysis of Online Infertility Forums”


  • “A Defense of a Change in the Legal Standard of Rape from Consent to Coercion”

  • “Gay and Straight, Face-to-Face: At the Intersection of Masculinity and Sexuality”


  • “The Way I Wear My Hair: Meanings of Black Women’s Hair Style Choices.”         


  • “Collective or Divisive: Perspectives & Experiences of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.”
  • “Pebble Mine: Framing of Salmon Denies Alaska Natives Justice.”                    


  • “A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Creation and Perpetuation of  Ghettoes in the US and France.” 
  • “Farm Sanctuaries: Farm Animals, Categorical Liminality, and Future Possibilities.”
  • “Identity Construction in Humanistic Jewish Communities.”  
  • “Mental Illness Stigma:  Attitudes Toward the Mentally Ill.”
  • “The Relationship Between African Immigrants and African Americans.”
  • “The Struggle to Emigrate from Bolivia to the United States.”


  • “Between Two Tongues: Language Use of Native Spanish-Speakers in the U.S.”
  • “Educational Technologies: 21st Century Problem or Solution?”    
  • “The Curse of Child Trafficking in America.”     
  • “The Identity of African Immigrants in America.”           


  • “Healing Through Energy, Magic, Touch, and Ritual: A Cultural Account of Pagan Healing Practices.” 
  • “Obstacles, Opportunities, and Surprises: Theories of Agro-Industrial Development and the Case of In Vitro Meat.”
  • “Stigma and Identity: The Social Effects of Incarceration.”