Art students at Ursinus learn to understand and contribute to the history, abundance, diversity, and potential of human expression. Close student-faculty relationships and the interdisciplinary nature of the program support an exciting creative community.

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Each year culminates in the Annual Student Exhibition, where Ursinus art majors and minors display their bodies of work in the Berman Museum of Art. The Annual Student Exhibition is a highly anticipated springtime campus event. 

The majors and minors in Studio Art and Art History provide students with an understanding of the human experience through critical visual investigation. In our increasingly image-based world, the study of Art and Art History can serve as a springboard for many professions in the arts and beyond.

Studio Art and Art History offerings focus on the preparation of students in the creation of art, the critical study of Art History and the appreciation of visual culture as an integral part of their liberal arts experience. Coursework covers the broad cultural and intellectual context of human civilization from a visual and historical perspective, and provides an important framework for advanced study in making and interpreting art and the environment. The curriculum integrates art historical foundations with the hands-on creation of art, moving from general survey and introductory courses to advanced studio work, historical studies, and museum practices. The rich resources of the Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art and the Philadelphia region will be integral to the learning process.

October 20th, 2018

  • Oct
    , 2018
    NYC Skyline Art & Art History New York City Bus Trip
    Lower Wismer Parking Lot

    Extra bus seats are available for anyone that would like to join the Art Department fall field trip to New York City on Saturday, 10/20!


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