Photogram workshop in the darkroom

Summer Fellows

Spend the summer working on your own great idea: we’ll spend the money to help you pursue it.

Every summer, 70-80 students spend eight weeks on campus working on research and creative projects that they have come up with or working on faculty research. They get invaluable faculty mentorship, a room on campus, and at least $2500 to do it. Unlike other schools, this isn’t just for students in the sciences: at Ursinus, it’s open to any rising junior or senior who has a good idea and the plan to pursue it.

This is the chance for you to do something you want to do, and it can lead to truly amazing things: previous Summer Fellows have gone on to get grants, fellowships, and publications—in addition to the satisfaction of completing a project that is truly their own.

Here are some previous works:

Olivia Schultz – Israeli Art: Discovering the Berman’s Hidden Treasures (Mentor: Deborah Barkun)