Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Technology and scientific innovation have dramatically altered the way we study biological systems.

Science Science

BCMB majors obtain a strong, core understanding of the fundamentals of biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and molecular biology but are also able to tailor their advanced courses to their interests. Biologists and chemists sometimes use different terminology and approaches to problems and our program is fairly unique in that we have biochemists in both the Biology and Chemistry Department; you will be taught by both. Our graduates have successfully gone onto graduate and professional study, or careers in biochemistry/molecular biology or related areas, health-related fields including pre-med, and professions such as business or law. 

Outside the Classroom

Majors and faculty have opportunities to continue their education and socialize outside of the classroom. BCMB majors often attend the monthly teas hosted by the Chemistry Department, and BCMB hosts several events of its own. Ursinus is one of a small (less than hundred schools) but growing number of schools to have a chapter of the Undergraduate Affiliate Network (UAN) of the American Society from Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB), one of the largest scientific organizations in these fields, and one of even a more select number of schools to have a chapter of  Chi Omega Lambda ΧΩΛ, the ASBMB Undergraduate Honor Society. These chapters provide students with outside-the-classroom opportunities on- and off-campus that would not be available otherwise.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology News

Chemistry Students Experience MIT

Ursinus students accompanied Professor Mark Ellison to the MIT campus to analyze a new two-dimensional polymer that was synthesized in the group of the MIT host, Professor Michael Strano.
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Meet Alumnus, Tom Holt
Tom tells us about why he chose Ursinus and the unique opportunities in the sciences that have supported his goal of attending medical school.


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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


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