The Mid-Atlantic and Philadelphia metro area contains a number of companies that have projects of interest to BCMB students. Internships allow a student to develop skills, make contacts, and allow the student to make a more informed decision about his or her future.

Most —- but not all —- students do the majority of their internship work during the summer. Students may do more than one internship, and in many cases can receive academic credit. To receive BCMB academic credit the project must primarily have a research focus (the BCMB faculty must approve the internship); the student must fulfill all Ursinus internship requirements; and the student must make a formal, oral presentation and write a paper. Students make receive Ursinus academic credit for other internship experiences. For example, many students who shadow a doctor receive academic credit in Biology. Regardless of whether the academic credit is awarded in BCMB or another department, the experience will fulfill the Independent Learning Experience (ILE) core requirement.

How to Find an Internship

Some students find internships through their own contacts. The Office of Career and Professional Development has developed a number of contacts, and students are encouraged to go to the office and use the office’s web internship resources. Biology and Chemistry faculty members often learn of other opportunities at different times. Faculty let students know of these internship possibilities, and students are encouraged to check with faculty.