Interdisciplinary Programs

Multichannel pipetting - research Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The Biology department is connected to the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BCMB) interdisciplinary major through the curriculum and through laboratory research. Biology faculty members including Rebecca Roberts (Co-coordinator of the BCMB major), Beth Bailey, Dale Cameron, Ellen Dawley, Robert Dawley, Carlita Favero, Kate Goddard, Rebecca Kohn, Tony Lobo, Rebecca Lyczak, Jennifer Round, and Peter Small all teach courses that contribute towards completion of the BCMB major.  In addition, students can pursue research related to biochemistry or molecular biology in several of their laboratories.

Beneath the Soil - Ursinus Magazine Spring 2018 Environmental Studies

The Biology department contributes to the Environmental Studies interdisciplinary major through coursework and through laboratory and field research opportunities. Several members of the Biology department faculty teach courses that fulfill requirements for the Environmental Studies major including Ellen Dawley, Robert Dawley, Kate Goddard, Peter Small, and Cory Straub. Students can pursue research projects related to the environment in all of their laboratories.

Joel Bish Neuroscience

The Biology Department is part of the foundation of the Neuroscience interdisciplinary major. Faculty members support this major through the courses they teach and through research opportunities in their laboratories. These faculty members include Beth Bailey, Ellen Dawley, Carlita Favero, Rebecca Kohn, and Jennifer Round who each teach courses needed to complete the Neuroscience major. Research projects exploring important principles in neuroscience can be pursued in most of their research laboratories.