Outside the Classroom

Outside the classroom, students gain experience in settings that allow them to further expand their interpersonal, academic, research and life skills


Internships provide opportunities for students to test themselves in potential career environments.  Ursinus students complete summer or academic year internships in:

  • Health professions – doctor, dental, optometry, veterinary hospitals and offices, assisted living facilities and hospices
  • Zoos, biological field stations, nature preserves
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech companies

Faculty-Lead Field Experiences

The Biology Department also sponsors faculty-lead field experiences.  These have included:

In addition to these opportunities, many of our students conduct research with a Biology faculty member.  A variety of research projects in a range of subdisciplines of biology are ongoing.

Grant Cooper ('14), Sara Obeiter ('14), Ryan Keihart ('14), and Thea Dougherty ('...Grant Cooper ('14), Sara Obeiter ('14), Ryan Keihart ('14), and Thea Dougherty ('14) congregate at the open fish market in Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz, Galápagos, during a break in BIO-350 (Evolution in the Galápagos). All species are welcome at the market!

Marisa Ferrrari (class of 2017)and Mary Ann Group (class of 2005)Marisa Ferrrari (class of 2017) student teaching at Spring Ford High School with teacher Mary Ann Group (class of 2005)
Students at the Woods Hole Research Center, MassachusettsStudents in Marine Biology at the Woods Hole Research Center, Massachusetts