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In an information- and data-driven world, our dedicated faculty work closely with each student to help them become effective thinkers and communicators. 

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The Business and Economics department offers a major in Applied Economics as well as minors in Economics, Finance and Accounting, and Management Studies. From introductory courses through senior capstones, students in our majors and minors learn to apply economic theory to real-life situations, analyze data, write effectively, and make compelling presentations.  

While at Ursinus, roughly 80% of applied economics majors complete internships that give them a leg up on finding jobs after graduation. Upon graduation, they enter a variety of careers  — working in supply chain, business analytics, finance, marketing, accounting, public administration, and more. Employers include JP Morgan Chase, TD Bank, Vanguard, SEI, and Clemens Food Group. Some graduates pursue advanced study in economics, law, and business-related fields, while others start businesses, building on experiences fostered by U-Imagine! The Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies. 

Thanks to a curriculum that encourages the development of both analytical and “soft” skills, our graduates advance to leadership positions within their organizations and professions. 

Business and Economics News

Cryptocurrency: A Wise Investment or a Waste of Time?

So, what’s the deal with cryptocurrency? It seems to be everywhere these days (even in our Super Bowl ads). Is it the next big thing, or is it another fleeting fad? Associate Professor of Business and Economics Scott Deacle weighs in on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.
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Business and Economics

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