In an information- and data-driven world, our dedicated faculty work closely with each student to help them be effective thinkers and communicators. 

Summer Fellows Throwback

A summer research project tackles the gender pay gap and asks why more women aren’t CEOs. We asked Abigail Wood ’17 to explain her research to us in under 60 seconds. Can she do it? #ursinussummer

Our students develop the skills and talents they need to make complex decisions in the worlds of business and public policy and to grow into leaders. 

A curriculum that is grounded in thinking broadly and in applying deeply prepares our students to enter a variety of careers and professions. A sample of the occupations our graduates now hold includes research analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank, law student at Northwestern, financial analyst at Lockheed-Martin, bond trader at Wells Fargo, and human resources consultant at PPL. Some of our current students start new businesses through U-Imagine! The Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies.

The Ursinus Business and Economics (BE) department offers a major in Applied Economics as well as minors in Economics, Finance and Accounting, and Management Studies. As an Ursinus BE student, you will grow by performing independent research, studying abroad, working as an intern, and leading campus organizations. From your first course through your senior project, you will analyze data and write reports, memos, and research papers.  Presentations to peers, faculty, and business professionals are a basic staple of our courses.  As you learn the foundations of the business disciplines and experience the business and policy world first hand, you will prepare for the challenges of a complex world.