Budapest, Hungary

“This course was a combination of economic, history, sightseeing, cultural differences, traveling, and learning how we can live together as one. Although it was difficult to adjust to the language barrier and cultural differences, it was an amazing to learn from different cultures, people, and experiences.” Renee Le Clerc


“Coming from the perspective of a non-social science, especially economics major, I personally was able to learn a lot from the experience because I was never exposed to this type of thinking before… I thought it was interesting and would recommend it for the pure fact that we got to travel to four countries and experience them for what they are.” Alana Huynh (Class of 2022)

“Four countries, three weeks, two awesome professors, and one incredible experience later, I can say that Economies in Transition (ECON-223) has taught me more not only more about how different economies function, but also a lot more about myself.” Renee LeClerc (Class of 2020)

“… it was an incredible experience too! The course material was interesting, we met some incredible people in their respective countries, received lectures from so many perspectives from tech moguls to startup businesses, and got to visit and experience many tourist attractions. I highly recommend this trip to all students, not just economics majors. Its fun, it teaches you about the world around you, and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And when you’re in Hungary, eat as much paprika as you can!” Ben Minardi (Class of 2020)


  • City Tour
  • National Museum
  • Memento Park
  • House of Terror Museum

Film Screening

Commanding Heights - Agony of Reform