Our Program

We prepare students for careers in the public and private sectors as well as graduate or professional school. We will guide you through a 4-year plan.

Our Majors

Economics Major

Ursinus economics majors are prepared for work in economic analysis, a variety of business positions, graduate school, secondary school teaching, business analytics, and market research.

Coursework in the major consists of

  • Core economic theory courses
  • Math and statistics foundations + econometrics
  • Electives
  • Capstone

The department also offers opportunities to explore economics more in depth through the Economic Ambassadors program as well as the Economies in Transitions summer study abroad experience. Ursinus economics majors also find a variety of internships where they apply what they learn in the classroom and prepare for life after college.

Finance Major

The major in finance prepares students for investment management, corporate financial management, banking, and graduate study in finance as well as careers in business analytics and market research.

Coursework in the major consists of

  • Core classes in finance, economic theory, and accounting
  • Mathematical and statistical foundations as well as econometrics
  • Electives – mostly in finance, one allowed in accounting
  • Capstone

The college also offers co-curricular programs that enable students to study finance in more depth and gain practical experience. These programs include the Finance Scholars, UCIMCO, and the Community Bank Case Study Competition. Ursinus finance majors have opportunities to network with alumni in the financial services industry and work in rewarding internships that prepare them for careers in the industry after graduation.

Our Minors

Accounting Minor

The accounting minor involves introductory courses in accounting and finance and three additional accounting courses covering managerial accounting, financial reporting, and income tax policy. Many Ursinus graduates have leveraged their accounting coursework into careers as CPAs, in corporate accounting offices, and other accounting roles. Our relationship with St. Joseph’s University allows Ursinus students to take additional accounting coursework from St. Joseph’s while at Ursinus as part of the 4+1 program.

Economics Minor

Economics minors complement any major with introductory courses in economies and three elective courses. Students gain an understanding of economic theory and how it applies in multiple real-world circumstances.

Finance Minor

The finance minor requires introductory courses in finance and accounting and three additional accounting courses covering some combination of investments, corporate finance, banking or international finance. Students gain a basic understanding of finance that prepares them for work in the field.

Management Studies Minor

The Ursinus management studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that exposes students to key concepts in management, organizational behavior, accounting, and ethics. Through their choices of electives, students develop an understanding of how these concepts apply and relate to key concepts from diverse fields including leadership, marketing, strategy, sociology, and environmental studies.