Electives for Management Studies Minor

The Management Studies minor is an interdisciplinary course of study that allows you to select from a range of classes tailored to your interests.

The minor complements any major and will strengthen your understanding of groups and leadership while building your readiness to succeed in the workplace.

A minor in Management Studies requires that students take 24 semester hours in courses across several disciplines. All Management Studies minors are required to take ACCT-140 and MGT-200. In addition, students are required to select one course focused on ethics and three elective courses representing three different departments: Business and Economics, English, Environmental Studies, Health and Exercise Physiology, History, Interdivisional Studies, Media and Communications Studies, Psychology, Politics, and Sociology.

Below is a sample of elective courses across the various departments:

  • Advanced Financial Reporting
  • Marketing
  • Leadership in Adventure Activities
  • Principles and Foundations of Health Fitness Management
  • Intercultural Communications
  • Media Ethics
  • Forests & People
  • Industrial Organization
  • Social Cognition and Influence