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Clubs are where student gain value leadership experience as well as a place to recognize their achievements.


The Ursinus College Investment Club formed in 2003 with the mission to educate the Ursinus community about investing in financial markets. The club offers workshops on various issues related to the financial markets: basics of stocks and bonds, ways to select stocks and bonds, understanding the measurements used in evaluating stocks and bonds. Guest speakers have come to campus to share their career experiences and advice. In the past the club has also hosted a stock competition for the campus community where students, staff and faculty are given $100,000 in virtual money and compete for the highest performing portfolio.   For more information, contact 


The Ursinus College Enactus Team, founded in 2007 as a student run activity open to any major, commits to engaging the community in the ideals of free enterprise, entrepreneurship, market-based economics, and sustainable economic opportunity. Students leverage classroom experience to develop and implement an array of projects that have included teaching schoolchildren financial literacy, assisting disabled persons in achieving economic independence, creating marketing strategies for social service agencies, and helping small business owners operate more efficiently. Each year, the UC Enactus team competes in a regional competition against teams from other schools; these presentations demonstrate how the team has improved the lives and fortunes of members of their communities.  UC Enactus’s achievements include Rookie of the Year, First Regional Runner up, and Regional Champion. In 2010, as Regional Champion, the UC Enactus team competed in the National Championship held in Minneapolis; the UC Enactus team’s current goal is to win at Nationals and go on to the International Competition, held annually around the world in cities such as New York, Paris and Hong Kong.  Enactus is a community of students, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shapes a better more sustainable world.


ODE honor society membership is offered to Ursinus students whose GPA’s are greater than 3.4 and have completed at least 12 credits in economics courses with a minimum of a B in each course.  Members receive a subscription to ODE’s research journal, The American Economist. The honor society annually sponsors the BE undergraduate research conference, held each April on the Ursinus campus. The ODE research conference involves students and faculty from a variety of colleges and universities who present their research projects and act as discussants for one another. Typically, more than 20 Ursinus students participate in this conference. 


The Zeta Psi chapter of SIE recognizes academic excellence in management coursework. SIE’s mission is to encourage and recognize scholastic excellence and to promote cooperation between the academic and practical aspects of management.  Qualifications for SIE membership require students to have completed at least 12 credits in management courses with a minimum of a B in each and a minimum of a 3.3 overall GPA.