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Student-Managed Investment Fund

Ursinus College has a student-managed investment fund that manages two portfolios, one that seeks stable growth through diversified holdings of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and one that focuses on individual stock selection.  

Student fund managers research investments, track fund performance, write prospectuses and newsletters, and engage with Ursinus alumni working in the financial sector.  It’s a great opportunity for collaboration and hands-on learning.  Fund management takes place under faculty supervision in a one-credit course.  For more information, contact Scott Deacle.

Our Fund

With donated money, the club manages two funds, one according to widely accepted principles of endowment management and one according to value-investing principles. Students who take part in the fund enroll in a one-credit class that meets once per week. The fund provides any Ursinus student, regardless of major, the opportunity for invaluable hands-on lessons in teamwork, valuation, the markets, and economics.   

Fund Makes First Contribution to College Operating Budget

The Ursinus College Student-Managed Investment Fund reached a milestone today, making its first contribution - $250 - to the college’s general fund as part of #Giving2UCDay.

 Conceived just two years ago by members of the student investment club, the fund now manages about $35,000 and is the focus of a one-credit course open to students of all majors — from first-year students to seniors. Having built a sustainable foundation with the help of donors and supporters throughout the college community, the fund is now realizing its potential as an educational program and a source of support to the college.

 “We are proud to make our first contribution to the college as part of #Giving2UCDay” said Johnathan Myers (’19), an applied economics major who spearheaded the effort to start the fund.

Investment club founder Johnny Myers ('19) and faculty adviser Scott Deacle on #Giving2UCDay 2018, when the club contributed $250 to the college's operating budget.Investment club founder Johnny Myers ('19) and faculty adviser Scott Deacle on #Giving2UCDay 2018, when the club contributed $250 to the college's operating budget.New York Field Trip

The student managers took a trip on Nov. 9 to New York, where Ursinus alumnus, Joe Pursley, gave students a tour of the investment company, Allianz Investments. Students also met Mona Mahajan, U.S. Investment Strategist.

For more information about the Student-Managed Investment Fund contact faculty advisor Scott Deacle at or student leader Johnny Myers at