UCIMCO Students listening to strategies for investment

The Ursinus College Investment Management Company

The Ursinus College Investment Management Company, also known as UCIMCO, manages two funds on behalf of the College. Groups of student analysts manages endowment-style and stock selection funds on behalf of the college endowment.

The Fund’s Mission

UCIMCO is a one-credit course (FIN 001-004) that is available for all students who want to learn the fundamentals of investing. The fund provides any Ursinus student, regardless of major, the opportunity for invaluable hands-on lessons in teamwork, valuation, the markets, and economics.

For more information about UCIMCO contact faculty advisor Scott Deacle at sdeacle@ursinus.edu or student leader Jacob Kang at jakang@ursinus.edu.

Current News

Women’s Fund

In September 2020, UCIMCO is proud to announce the inauguration of a women’s-only investment team. The Women’s team is co-advised by Maureen Cumpstone mcumpstone@ursinus.edu and Scott Deacle, and meets every Monday. 

Contributions to UCIMCO 

The Ursinus College Investment Management Company welcomes your contributions to help with its continued growth. Gifts to the fund are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Donate today at www.ursinus.edu/makegift and be sure to select the Student Investment Fund in the drop-down menu.   

Finance and Liberal Arts Advocacy Group

A Finance and Liberal Arts Initiative is underway that seeks to integrate the college’s developing programs in finance with its existing strengths in liberal arts education, and we hope to increase our integration with other finance programs. The initiative’s advisory group will support faculty and students with advanced knowledge and skills, experiences, and exclusive opportunities, so students can have a better sense of the mindsets of young financial professionals.

For more details, please contact Scott Deacle: sdeacle@ursinus.edu

UCIMCO Monthly Updates 

October 2020:

As a collective, the Endowment Team is currently discussing taking larger stakes in ESG investments, in hopes of being more in line with the Ursinus mission statement. Endowment is also looking to rebalance and alter current positions within the coming weeks, after extensive research on current holdings.

The Women’s Team has been meeting regularly and has gotten some traction, support, and recognition around campus. The newly inaugurated team looks to grow next semester, in an effort to further diversify the fund.

The Stock Selection Team has been going over strategies to find undervalued companies. The team also has been going over basic finance ratios to use in determining a company’s value.

Professor Deacle, PhD. and UCIMCO CIO, Parker Wolfe, Donate $1,869.00 on UC Giving Day 2019.Professor Deacle, PhD. and UCIMCO CIO, Parker Wolfe, Donate $1,869.00 on UC Giving Day 2019.

UCIMCO co-founder, Jonny Myers, talks about the inspiration behind UCIMCO.