UCIMCO Students listening to strategies for investment

The Ursinus College Investment Management Company

The Ursinus College Investment Management Company, also known as UCIMCO, manages three funds on behalf of the College. Groups of student analysts manage endowment-style and stock selection funds on behalf of the college endowment.

Business and Economics News

The Business of Happiness: Remembering Professor Scott Deacle

Spreadsheets. Ice cream. UCIMCO. Hawaiian shirts. The Wall Street Journal. We remember our friend, mentor, and colleague, Professor Scott Deacle, who embraced the little things.
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Donate to UCIMCO

The Ursinus College Investment Management Company welcomes your contributions to help with its continued growth. Gifts to the fund are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Donate today at www.ursinus.edu/makegift and be sure to designate “Other” and specify UCIMCO.

The Fund’s Mission

UCIMCO is a one-credit course (FIN 001-004) that is available for all students who want to learn the fundamentals of investing. The fund provides any Ursinus student, regardless of major, the opportunity for invaluable hands-on lessons in teamwork, valuation, the markets, and economics.

For more information about UCIMCO contact faculty advisors Scott Deacle at sdeacle@ursinus.edu, Eric Parnell at eparnell@ursinus.edu or student leaders Mike Magargee at mimagargee@ursinus.edu.

Current News

The Analysts of UCIMCO are working hard this semester preparing for their presentation on April 19, 2023 at Ursinus. The UCIMCO teams will present their research and decisions to visiting supporters and Alumni of UCIMCO.