Courses of Instruction

The system used in numbering courses reflects in general the year of College in which many students schedule a course. Thus a course taken normally in the first year will begin with the number 1, in the second year with a 2, and so on. Numbers do not indicate the year in which a course must or should be taken. Any specific prerequisite or other considerations for enrolling are stated in the course description. Courses whose numbers are followed by a “W” are writing-intensive courses. Courses whose numbers are followed by “Q” are those which involve quantitative analysis. The credit value of each course is expressed in semester hours. The semester hours are given in italics in the definition of the course. Core requirement designations at the end of many course listings show which requirements they fulfill (“A” for Arts, “CIE” for Common Intellectual Experience, “D” for Diversity, “G” for Global, “H” for Humanities, “I” for Independent Learning Experience, “L” for language, “LS” for laboratory science, “M” for Mathematics, and “SS” for Social Science.)