Welcome families from the class of 2023! May 30-31 marks spring orientation on campus. Details Welcome families from the class of 2023! May 30-31 marks spring orientation on campus. Details

Off-Campus Programs

Washington Internship Initiative

Ursinus enjoys an affiliation with the Washington Internship Institute (WII), an organization that provides intensive internship experiences and academic coursework within a thematic liberal arts framework. All participants select one of several areas of concentration, including Environmental and Sustainability Policy Studies, Global Health Policy Studies, Global Women’s Leadership Development, Inside Washington: Politics and Policy, and International and Foreign Policy Studies. This program gives qualified students the opportunity to work with people and resources in the nation’s capital so as to understand better the dynamics of American politics and policymaking. 

Under the direction of WII faculty and staff, students participate in seminars with governmental officials, lobbyists, and media representatives; they secure an internship within a governmental office or non-governmental organization, political parties, interest groups, research organizations, or the media; and they complete a major research project on a current issue or policy problem. Candidates must apply to the College in order to be nominated to WII. Semester participants pay Ursinus tuition, room and fees (but not board) and their Ursinus financial aid travels. Summer participants pay tuition, room and fees directly to WII and pay for their own meals, but Ursinus aid does not travel. Interested students should contact Sharon Hansen (Career and Professional Development). View course offerings in Interdivisional Studies.

Howard Semester Program

This program allows Ursinus students to attend Howard University in Washington, D.C., under an exchange agreement between the two institutions. Students wishing to participate will normally do so for one semester in their junior year. Students pay Howard University’s tuition and fees. Contact the Dean’s Office for more information.