Quest Core Requirements

Quest Open Question Core summary of curricular requirements.

Question 1: What should matter to me?

□ CIE 1
□ CIE 2

Question 2: How should we live together?

Three courses. One course satisfying each of the following learning goals. No more than two can be taken within a student’s major department.

□ Engage diversity and inequality (DN)
□ Examine global interconnections (GN)
□ Consider obligations (O)

Question 3: How can we understand the world?

□ Linked Inquiry (LINQ) (see the Linked Inquiry explanation)

One course satisfying each of the Ways of Asking requirements, except for the A requirement which can be fulfilled by one three- or four- credit course, or a total of four credits over multiple semesters. Although typically courses only will have one of these designations, a single course under question 3 can fulfill multiple question 3 or a combination of question 2 and 3 requirements.

□ Artistic/performative (A)
□ Deductive reasoning (R)
□ Humanistic inquiry (H)
□ Quantitative reasoning (Q)
□ Scientific inquiry/experimentation (S)
□ Social scientific inquiry (SS)

And two courses, both in the same language, satisfying the requirement:

□ Understanding the world through foreign language 1 (L)
□ Understanding the world through foreign language 2 (L)

Question 4: What will I do?

□ Experiential Learning Project (XLP) (see Experiential Learning explanation)
□ Core Capstone (CCAP) (see Core Capstone explanation)

Linked Inquiry requirement:

Satisfied by completing one of the following:

  • Team-taught course
  • Paired courses (learning community)
  • Successful completion of an interdisciplinary minor. Example: African American and Africana Studies

Experiential Learning requirement:

Students explore the question: What will I do? in the Experiential Learning Project (XLP) by completing an immersive experience in one of the following categories:

  • an independent research program or a creative program (including but not limited to honors or Summer Fellows);
  • an internship;
  • an approved study abroad program;
  • student teaching;
  • civic engagement;
  • for pre-engineering students, successful completion of the first of two years at the engineering school.

A required component of the XLP is structured, intentional reflection on the students’ personal, professional, and academic objectives prior to the experience. A second required component is post-XLP reflection on meeting these objectives and unanticipated experiences. More details (link). 

Core Capstone requirement:

Satisfied by completing:

  • Any course designated CCAP