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FUTURE (Summer Research)

Summer research opportunities allow new science and mathematics students to work closely with advanced students and faculty mentors, immersing them in the Ursinus College research community.

2017 FUTURE Students

  • I plan on attending medical school after I graduate from Ursinus to become a doctor and impact the lives of others.

  • The FUTURE program has allowed me to see what everyday research is like.  With the skills that I have obtained I will continue to pursue my studies in the sciences and a career in the field of cardiology.

  • After Ursinus I hope to take at least one gap year to do service in a foreign country. I want to explore and investigate the ethics behind vaccinations and go to graduate school for immunology with the intention of getting a PhD in immunology or molecular biology. I hope to one day develop vaccines that help cure infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS. I would also like to research a potential way to cure these diseases without the complications of antibiotic resistance.

  • I hope to go to grad school and get a Ph.D.  Over the summer, I studied how to inhibit growth in E. Coli using nanographene.

2017 FUTURE Mentors

  • After Ursinus I hope to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sales/marketing.

  • Upon graduating, I plan to attend graduate school to pursue a Ph.D in neuroscience.  Aliyah and I both learned troubleshooting, organizational, communicative, and collaborative skills that will benefit us in our classes at Ursinus and beyond.

  • After Ursinus, I will pursue a career as a Physician Assistant. Partaking in Dr. Ellison’s research has been very gratifying. The past two years in the lab we’ve worked to apply nanomaterial graphene as a form of drug delivery to inhibit the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

  • This summer, I research spin coated chalcogenide films for use in nanoscale devices. After graduation, I plan to obtain my PhD in biophysics and have a career in research.

2016 FUTURE Students

  • After Ursinus, I plan to attend an Osteopathic medical school. The FUTURE program helped me develop confidence in using my scientific skills. and build upon the complex techniques I learned during my freshman year.  

  • I hope to use computer science to solve societal problems such as cyberbullying, which I researched during the FUTURE program. I want to show the far-reaching and beneficial power of the field. 

  • Our field trips to GSK and Temple School of Medicine opened up multiple options for my future career. Currently, I plan to pursue my college education on a pre-med track. 

2016 FUTURE Mentors

  • I plan on getting a job after Ursinus.

  • Upon graduation, I would like to further my education on the graduate school level.  I am looking to pursue a PHD in biomedical studies.  I would like to continue cardiac research on the graduate school level. 

2015 FUTURE Students

  • The Parlee Center will challenge me to gain confidence and think critically while shaping me into a stronger leader. I will be able to take on any task that I put my mind to and also helping others while doing so.

  • I was able to successfully transfect cos cells to produce ankyrin-g and possibly Slitrk2 proteins. In the future, we hope to be able to see whether or not these proteins interact, and investigate this possible interaction within cos cells.

  • I am a first generation college student and I plan on continuing my education after undergrad to graduate school for medicine. Research is fueling my passion for science and medicine. 

  • I plan to attend Rowan University’s Osteopathic Medical and begin my own research project that will evolve into a business. FUTURE African American Muslim Female Leader.

  • As a rising sophomore of FUTURE, I researched the effects of oxidative stress on dopaminergic neuron degeneration in C. elegans under the guidance of Dr. Kohn and Bryan Carter. During the program, I was able to feel and experience the life of a researcher which helped me widen my future career path.

  • As the first in my family to go to college the FUTURE program allowed me to develop lab skills and passion for science. The FUTURE summer research program prepared me to transition well into my science classes. Overall the program really allowed me to grow in and out of the lab because of all the professors and mentors that helped.

2015 FUTURE Mentors

  • I was granted the Watson Fellowship and will travel for two years conducting environmental research. I hope to obtain a PhD in and continue to advocate/practice using integrative approaches to combat our environmental and social problems. 

  • After graduation I plan to pursue my Ph.D. in Biology, with the hopes of continuing research in the areas of study that I have already been exposed to here at Ursinus.

  • After Ursinus, I hope to continue my career as a scientist in some form of graduate school.  This summer with my FUTURE mentee, we examined if breast cancer cells were prone to greater growth when exposed to endocrine disrupting chemicals like BPA, BPS, and BPF.  My mentee and I both learned how to create our own experiment and how to communicate our science to the general public.

  • Researching Parkinson’s disease in the neurobiology lab with Dr. Kohn has been an invaluable experience that has helped me determine what I want to pursue as a career. I hope to obtain a PhD in Cellular Neuroscience and teach at a university.

2014 FUTURE Students

  • As the first person in my family to attend college, the FUTURE program gave me the opportunity to spend my pre-college summer working alongside Prof. Julia Koeppe in her research on interactions between proteins.

  • Although I am the first person in my family to attend college I do not plan on terminating my education at the undergraduate level.  After completing my undergraduate experience I plan on attending Medical School back home in New York.

  • After Ursinus, I plan to a get an MD  and specialize in pediatrics.  

2014 FUTURE Mentors

  • Alongside Dr. Feairheller, I mentored FUTURE Student Avery Perez as we conducted research in The HEART Lab to determine associations between cardiovascular health and foot and knee biomechanics,