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Fellows of the Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good are selected for their potential to become outstanding civic as well as scientific leaders.

Senior Fellows- Class of 2018

  • As a Parlee Center Fellow, my goal is to learn to effectively communicate healthcare-related topics to the public. After Ursinus, I plan to go to Drexel University College of Medicine through the Early Assurance program at Ursinus. I hope to practice medicine and teach in underserved populations.

  • I’m deeply interested in disparities of science education and equal opportunity. In the future I hope to become a professor and to help shape the next generation of medical professionals, scientists, and scientifically-minded individuals.

  • CSCG has transformed my love of human physiology to a focus on the accessibility of health information and care. 

  • I looking forward to pursuing a career in sports medicine and health care technology to aim at better patient outcomes. With experiences through the CSCG, like interacting with field experts, an internship with ICAREQUALITY, and research in the Bahamas, I am confident I will better society at the intersection of science and the common good in the future. 

  • The overlap between my scientific interests and desire to communicate ethical issues led me to the Parlee Center. After Ursinus, I hope to obtain an M.D. and use the knowledge I acquire to help a multitude of lives.

  • I want to combine my passions for science, advocacy, and social justice to educate, empower, and provide care for women of color as well as work towards changing the face of the current reproductive rights movement in America so that it is inclusive of women of color.

  • Once I graduate from Ursinus I will be attending medical school. I have had many volunteer and clinical experiences that will prepare me for a future in the medical field.  I am passionate about assisting others, and a career like this will be ideal.

  • After Ursinus, I will be attending Salus University for their Optometry Program. I plan to apply the skills I have learned through the CSCG to my future work as an eye doctor. I have a strong desire to make sure everyone has access to proper eye care because everyone deserves to see this beautiful world we live in. 

Junior Fellows - Class of 2019

  • After graduating, I intend to attend medical school. After exposure to numerous medical specialties, I became especially interested in surgery due to the ability to directly address an illness. I became especially interested in trauma due to the fast-paced environment.


  • Science ought to be purposeful– and the Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good communicates this message with every speaker event, panel, podcast and course. For me, the Parlee center has allowed me to realize the extent to which health is influenced by socioeconomic factors and the Center has exposed me to the field of minority health and minority health disparities. Systemic racism, poverty, and environmental disadvantages plague marginalized communities and influence health outcomes just as much as biological factors. After experiencing the minority health speaker series in the fall of 2016, I realized the extent to which the social determinants of health are determined by race and socioeconomic factors. Since then, I’ve focused on this injustice constantly in my personal and professional life.

  • I plan to attend a graduate school that has an excellent Physician’s Assistant program, as I intend to hold a career as a Physician’s Assistant in dermatology. The health of the largest organ of the human body and particularly the health of this organ for people of color has always been an interest of mine. I have spent numerous years conducting independent dermatological research and I currently make my own makeup, skin, and hair care products for ethnic skin. As a PA in dermatology, I aim to speak as a leading scientific authority on skincare, address the medical questions of the public, and disperse my dermatological products to the minority communities in need.

  • The Parlee Center will challenge me to gain confidence and think critically while shaping me into a stronger leader. I will be able to take on any task that I put my mind to and also helping others while doing so.

  • The Parlee Center has helped me not only as a scientist, but as an individual. It has shown to me that science has a much larger impact in the forms of ethics and communication to other groups than it does to scientists alone. I hope to someday apply what I learned from the Parlee Center to my profession as an ophthalmologist so that I can apply the goals of the Parlee Center to my life.

  • After graduation, I hope to earn a MD and become a doctor that can provide medical care to underserved populations. 

  • After Ursinus, I plan to go to grad school to obtain a PhD. in both Chemistry and Environmental Studies.  My goal is to become an environmental chemist for a government agency such as the CIA, EPA, or FBI.

  • I am passionate about spreading the love of science by teaching high schoolers about the use and wonder of chemistry to those who might otherwise not increase the world’s knowledge.

  • I believe the impacts on society should be considered when doing any type of scientific work, which is why it is extremely important to have groups like the CSCG to ensure that this cross-section between science and society is well understood.

  • After Ursinus I hope to enroll in a dual MD/PhD program to combine my love for research and medicine. In addition to my medical aspirations, I also plan on pursuing a vocation in U.S. immigration policy or Global Health policy.

Sophomore Fellows - Class of 2020

  • I strive to someday enhance the link between science and the common good by providing medical patients with all their health care options, including alternative and integrative treatments.

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