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Student Fellows

Fellows of the Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good are selected for their potential to become outstanding civic as well as scientific leaders.

Senior Fellows

  • Profile of Rebecca Keenan

    I plan on attending medical school after Ursinus to pursue a career as a physician specializing in infectious disease and public health, providing healthcare to underserved populations both in the United States and abroad.

  • Profile of Lilly McQueen

    I plan on attending graduate school after Ursinus to attain a PhD in either molecular biology or microbiology. After that I would like to work in a government research laboratory.

  • Profile of Sophia Worthington-Kirsch

    I want to pursue student teaching, followed by a PhD in Analytical Chemistry. Eventually, I want to create and spread new knowledge about chemistry and how it is intertwined with the good of humanity.

  • Profile of Noah Yeagley

    I plan to attend graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. My research focus will be the effects of traumatic brain injury on working memory abilities and attention. I would like to do this through neurophysiologic methods, like EEG, along with neuropsychological batteries to behaviorally assess cognitive abilities.

  • Profile of Susana (Susie) Zelaya Rivera

    I plan on taking a gap year before attending medical school, I hope to work during that year to expand my vocation on health policy and possibly get my master’s specializing in healthcare and economics. I also plan on applying to fellowships to continue my learning about the world around me and civic engagement to Latin America.

Junior Fellows

  • Profile of Madison Moses

    I plan to attend graduate school to study agroecology and how people can interact with their food and their environment in the most sustainable way.

  • Profile of Jake O’Neill

    After Ursinus, I plan to pursue a career in the field of data analytics. Though I am unclear if I would like to pursue grad school post-Ursinus, I would like to work on interesting, meaningful questions that come to surface with data. For a long-term perspective, I would like to help contribute to the growing problems that analytics is causing in our society.

Sophomore Fellows

  • Profile of Nicole Bryce

    After graduating from Ursinus College, I plan to attend medical school and attain a career in pediatric oncology. With this career, I hope to alleviate the devastating effects of childhood cancer and bring comfort those who are still battling this disease.

  • Profile of Emily Cid

    My goal is to go to medical school to become a doctor.  I am not certain on a specific section of medicine, but I anticipate having an active role in underserved communities and advocating for equalities in healthcare. 

  • Profile of Melissa Hoff

    I plan on attending medical school after Ursinus to pursue a career as a pediatric surgeon. Throughout my life I hope to be a part of the organization Doctors Without Borders to bring healthcare to those who do not have access to it in their countries. 

  • Profile of Chase Opperman

    I plan to continue with my position in the armed forces as a reservist in the military and, after that time has been served, continue to peruse my PHD in psychology. I plan to ground my work within the field of professional counseling concentrated in PTSD and other stress/anxiety related illnesses but what I do in addition to this will make itself more apparent in the future.

  • Profile of Benjamin Sallavanti

    I plan on going into medical school to learn how to become a family physician. I want to be able to give advice to others and guide them as much as I can (medically) in their life path.

  • Profile of Madeline Wert

    I plan on attending Villanova’s nursing intensive program after Ursinus to pursue a career as a nurse practitioner to transition to a healthcare administrator position. I hope that my comprehensive background as a healthcare provider and study of economics can better the interaction of trust between patients and physicians.

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