Student Fellows

Fellows of the Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good are selected for their potential to become outstanding civic as well as scientific leaders.

What are Parlee Center Fellows?

Fellows of the Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good are students interested in science, mathematics, or medicine and in its impact on society.. Fellows are expected to:

  • major or minor in science or mathematics or science/health policy;
  • pursue a career in science or medicine that involves them directly in the public sphere, or in science or health policy, or in explaining science to the public;
  • complete a minor in Science and the Common Good;
  • do independent research in science, mathematics, or science/health policy, and report it at a scientific conference;
  • engage in an internship that allows them to practice civic leadership at the intersection of science and society;
  • take on, while at Ursinus, a leadership role in engaging the campus community, in particular their peers, in an ongoing dialogue about science and the common good;
  • remain committed to these goals once they graduate and become Alumni Fellows.

Senior Fellows

Junior Fellows

Sophomore Fellows

Freshmen Fellows

Tom Holt ’17

Tom Holt explains how the health-related experiences and training he received as an Ursinus student prepared him for a career in medicine. From search and rescue ski patrol and emergency medical services on campus to graduate-level biochem research and an internship to Buenas Aires — these experiences made him a clear candidate for med school.