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Alumni Fellows - Class of 2017

  • The Parlee Center has helped me recognize the importance of ethics and communication in science. I hope to someday apply what I have learned at Ursinus to a career in environmental research so that I can effectively communicate science to the public.

  • I am particularly interested in examining ethical questions raised by advancements with genetics and the treatment of neurological diseases. After Ursinus, I plan to become a neurosurgeon. 

  • CSCG has allowed me to explore my passion for healthcare and medical sciences. The cross discipline approach of all scientific fields shows the intricacies to policy and the healthcare seen today. Look here to see what we mean.

  • The interactions between scientists and the public in increasingly specialized fields interests me. I am drawn towards cancer and the challenge of communicating its intricacies to those without scientific backgrounds.

  • I’m passionate about biochemistry but also the ethical questions behind scientific advances.  This enthusiasm led me to the CSCG.  After obtaining an M.D., I want to serve around the world as a volunteer doctor.

Alumni Fellows - Class of 2016

  • After graduation, I plan on attending graduate school for plasma physics or nuclear engineering.  I am primarily interested in doing research related to developing fusion energy. “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” - Isaac Newton

  • My passion is to research the mechanisms of nervous system development to create new treatments for neurological disorders and to advocate for those with mental and developmental disabilities. I plan to get a PhD in neurobiology. 

  • Science has always been my passion – the Parlee Center helped me to understand why. My continual goal is to be an active member of the scientific community and to show others the benefits of scientific knowledge. 

  • My experiences as a CSCG Fellow have given me a deeper appreciation for humanity-based medicine, which I will use in my career as an advocate for oral health and a dentist serving in impoverished areas.

  • My passion is to become a pediatric physician. Being a Fellow has sparked my interest in exploring and debating the ethical issues within the medical field. 

  • I care about how science affects us and the reasons we pursue it. Because I want to encourage others to question the intentions of science, I aim to teach science ethics courses in a university setting. 

  • The CSCG has helped me explore my interest in public and global health.  Now I aspire to become a physician specializing in infectious disease, and I hope to provide quality healthcare to underserved populations.

  • My passion for teaching others about math and physics is what drew me to the CSCG. It has given me the chance to see how students from different backgrounds learn, an under- standing I will bring to my career as a teacher.

  • My internship in Peru sparked my passion for global healthcare. I am now pursuing my MPH at Tulane University School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine. I’m even taking a class designed by CSCG speaker Dr. Tom Farley.

Alumni Fellows - Class of 2015

  • I am currently attending the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Duke University.

  • I was granted the Watson Fellowship and will travel for two years conducting environmental research. I hope to obtain a PhD in and continue to advocate/practice using integrative approaches to combat our environmental and social problems. 

  • I am currently pursuing a career in medicine at Penn State Hershey College of Medicine.

  • I am pursuing a Chemistry Ph.D. at Princeton University in the lab of Dr. Andrew Bocarsly. My research involves transformation of carbon dioxide into alternative, useful compounds. I continue to work as a Senior Fellow of the ISGP and as Co-Founder of Globalized Ethics for Medical Science (GEMS), LLC. I intend to pursue a career in alternative energy-based science policy.

  • I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Biology (Ecology&Evolution) in the Rick Shine Lab at the University of Sydney in Australia. I am studying the invasive cane toad species, to answer ecological and evolutionary questions about invasions. 

  • Samir Shah 

    The CSCG has inspired in me a great interest in how social and political factors work together to influence health. As such, I hope to pursue a career at the intersection of clinical medicine and public health.

Alumni Fellows - Class of 2014

  • Zeba, a CSCG Fellow since the program’s inception in 2012, is currently in her second year at Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University.

  • Travis, a CSCG Fellow since the program’s inception in 2012, is currently in his Peace Corps assignment in Senegal. Click here to see how he commutes to work.