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Biochemistry Laboratory

The S.M. Lovett Laboratory of Biochemistry, named in honor of Sandra M. (B.S. 1955) Lovett, class of ’55, is a state-of-the-art laboratory dedicated to protein and nucleic acids research and teaching.

The spacious fully-equipped lab in Pfahler 201, with approximately 1000 square feet of floor space, receives significant outdoor light from its two exterior window-containing walls. It has a chemical prep/storage room with a large Getinge Castle 122 autoclave for sterilization of media. Adjacent to the lab is a walk-in cold room capable of supporting virtually any temperature-sensitive biological work.

The S.M. Lovett Laboratory of Biochemistry

Major laboratory equipment include:

  • laminar flow (sterile) hood
  • four chemical fume hoods
  • four variable-temperature incubators
  • New Brunswick C25 incubator/shaker
  • four water bath shakers
  • lyophilizer (freeze dryer)
  • four table-top (two Beckman Coulter Allegra 6, one refrigerated Beckman Allegra 21R and one refrigerated Beckman GS-15R) centrifuges with various fixed-angle and swinging-bucket rotors
  • Eppendorf 5417R refrigerated microcentrifuge
  • refrigerated Beckmann Coulter Avanti J-25 super speed centrifuge with various-capacity fixed-angle rotors
  • refrigerated Beckmann Optima L-90K ultracentrifuge with various fixed-angle and swinging-bucket rotors
  • Genius PCR thermocycler
  • microwave oven
  • sonicator                 
  • glassware oven
  • refrigerator
  • freezer
  • ultrafreezer

The lab and all of the equipment have been acquired since 1999, and some was generously donated by the VWR Corporation. The lab, accommodating sixteen students at four large benches, is fully wired for internet access and has ample glassware and consumable supplies to support the teaching of biochemistry and molecular biology. Also available for use to students in biochemistry are UV/vis spectrophotometers, FT-IR spectrophotometers, and a flourimeter.