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General Chemistry Laboratory

The W.S. Pettit General Chemistry laboratory, named in honor of William Schuyler Pettit, former president and chemistry faculty, is located on the third floor of Pfahler Hall, room 314. The lab is dedicated to the teaching of general chemistry.

The departmental stockroom and a balance room are situated within the general chemistry lab. The general chemistry curriculum is designed to cover the same topics as the lecture and includes experimentation in:

  • calorimetry
  • qualitative analysis
  • volumetric analysis
  • gravimetric analysis
  • colorimetry
  • molecular modeling
  • kinetics
  • equilibrium
  • synthesis

The lab is equipped with nine full-size fume hoods, a balance room, bench space for water baths, spectrometer, and specialized equipment. Each student is assigned to his/her own locker which contains laboratory glassware to perform experiments.