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Organic Chemistry Laboratory

The J. R. Lovett Organic Chemistry Laboratory, named in honor of J. Robert (Bob) Lovett class of ’53, is dedicated to the teaching of organic chemistry.

Located in Pfahler Hall 315, the twenty-four person laboratory, provides each student his or her own individual working space, including a four-foot hood equipped with vacuum, cold water with cup sink, and natural gas.  Mantles and variable transformers allow for flame-less heating.  Maple wood casework lockers are stocked with basic lab equipment, as well as sets of 19/22 standard taper and microscale glassware.   Two adjoining side rooms complement the main part of the laboratory—one equipped with two FT-infrared spectrometers and two GC/MS instruments; the other, melting point apparatus, balances, and refractometers.  Safety features include fire extinguishers, two eye-washes, drench hoses at each sink, two emergency showers, and a metal cabinet for flammable materials.  Several hoods are used for the dispensing of reagents and the collection of spent chemicals.  The laboratory, with an exterior wall of glass, permits natural light to permeate the room.  The air-handling system provides 100% tempered air exchange, ensuring excellent air quality.