Molecular Devices FilterMax F5

Molecular Devices FilterMax F5


  • FilterMax F5 Multi-mode microplate reader
  • Absorbance detection in the UV and visible range (230 nm to 650 nm)
  • Fluorescence intensity; top read and bottom read
  • Luminescence (glow)
  • Fluorescence polarization
  • Time-resolved Fluorescence
  • Scan measurement types: endpoint, kinetic, multiple wavelength, linear scan and area scan
  • Linear and orbital shaking
  • Temperature control
  • Filter slides on the F5 reader gives wavelength selection options from 230 nm to 750 nm


  • 3 or 5 modes of detection
  • Automatic z-height optimization (top read)
  • Patented LED intensity adjustment
  • Up to 384-well format
  • Filter based multi-mode


  • SoftMax Pro 6.5