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Research Laboratories

Located in Pfahler Hall are seven research laboratories for student-faculty research along with four student write-up areas.

Research Laboratories (Pfahler Hall 206, 304, 306, 307, 309, 310, 312)

There are seven research labs that are used exclusively for student-faculty research.  Each lab is approximately 300 square feet and contains ample bench space, drawers, and shelving.  The hoods in each lab have cold water outlets, house vacuum, air, natural gas, and specialty gas outlets that allow gases to be fed from a cylinder placed in the corner.  Below the hoods are small cabinets for storage of flammable solvents, acids, and bases.  There is also a small refrigerator in each lab, along with emergency eye washes and showers.  A description of faculty research interests and student projects can be found on the research pages.

Student Write-Up Areas (Pfahler Hall 205C,305, 308, 311)

Students who conduct research in collaboration with chemistry faculty are provided with a desk in one of the four student write-up areas. Each of these rooms can accommodate eight students comfortably. The write-up areas are adjacent to the  research labs and contain large windows so as to allow students clear views of the labs. Each room has a set of drawers and a LAN connection, along with ample shelving space. Students have 24/7 access to their assigned write-up area.