The Celebration of Student Achievement (CoSA) is an all-day campus-wide event which engages the entire campus community in the presentation, discussion and celebration of all forms of intellectual and creative work done by our students at all levels of their college careers.

2021 Chemistry Presentations and Posters

Balcerek, Z., Roby, D., “Expression, Purification, and Characterization of Protein 4DIU”

Belville, A., Vogelei, A., “Purification and Characterization of the Protein 2O14”

Chell, S., Ruiz, K., “Characterization of Unknown Protein 3H04”

Dyszel, B., Raffier, N., “Analysis on the Enzymatic Activity and Function of a Previously Unclassified Protein 3H04”

Huynh, A., Yanoff, Z., “Determining the Unknown Function of 3H04 Protein”Martin, K., “Conjugation of Nucleic Acids to Janus Dendrimers via ‘Click Chemistry’”

Merlo, K., McGinley, K., “Identification and Analysis of the function for Protein 4DIU”

O’Leary, M., “Progress in the Development of a Single-walled Nanotube Drug Delivery System for Clarithromycin”

Paulson, K., Wun, J., “Isolation and Characterization of Protein 3H04”

Schmalbach, N., “Tuning photo-sensitive intramolecular electron transfers in rhenium coordination compounds”

Sprankle, K., Johnson, C., McCoun, C., “The Determination of Protein 2O14’s Function within the Bacterial Cell”

Wun, J., Bristow, P., Yanoff, Z., “Synthesis and Assembly of Oligonucleotide-Stabilized Lipid Micelles”

Zubler, S., Beckman, S., Miller, A., “Extraction of Cutin and Examination of Possible Breakdown to Monomer Units by Thermophilic Compost Enrichments”

Zubler, S., Antill, B., Heren, C., “Determining the Characteristics and Function of the Unknown 4DIU Protein”

2020 Chemistry Presentations and Posters

Balestriere, M., D’Elia, P., “Toward the Rational Design of Photo-induced electron transfer (PET)-Based Fluorescent Probes”

Bender, E., Sulyok, L., Wun, J., “Synthesis & Assembly of Oligonucleotide-Stabilized Lipid Micelles”

Blatt, S., Lippe, D., Bonfiglio, M., Baird, D.J., Seeburger, M., “Analysis of Pore-Blocking Events in Carbon Nanotube Devices”

Cherrey, B., “Nuclease Activity of Zinc DFsc Proteins”

Fowler, E., St. Jean, A., “Development of an Oxygen and Sulfur Series of Photo-induced Electron Transfer (PET)-Based Fluorescent Probes for Applications in Triazine Detection”

Franz, E., Liebenberg, H., Martin, K., Yanoff, Z., “Synthesis & Assembly of Oligonucleotide-Stabilized Lipid Micelles”

Freedman, C., “Retention Analysis of Benzene Compounds in HPLC Using a Fluorooctyl Column & 50:50% (v/v) Mehtanol/Water”

Huynh, A., D’Elia, P., “Redox Properties of G4DFsc Proteins Using CV”

Lippe, D., “The Smiles Rearrangement on Coumarin Fluorophores via NMR analysis”

Maack, B. “Characterization of Dark & Green Tea Kombuchas with Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy (GC/MS) & High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)”

McCampbell, N., Zaccaro, J., Antill, B., Mayer, J., Burke, C., Lee, K., Belder, J., Brown, K., Arnold, R., Newman, R., “Delivering Ciprofloxacin Into Escherichia coli Using PEG-modified Nanographene Oxide”

Pantel, J. “Modeling & Characterization of Manganese using Due Ferri Single Chain Proteins”

Schmalbach, N., Balliro, N., “Turning the photo-sensitive intramolecular electron transfers in a supramolecular coordination compound”

Wentz, C., O’Leary, M., “Progress in the Development of a Drug Delivery System for Clarithromycin using SWNTs”

Zucker, A., Matthews, E., Yanagawa, E., “Substrate Design & Synthesis for Coumarin-based Smiles Rearrangement”

2019 Chemistry Presentations and Posters

Beck, S., Delia, J., Friend, A., “Isolation and Characterization of Protein 3H04 as a Potential Hydrolase “

Bender, E., “Investigation into the Metal Binding Affinity of Due Ferri Single Chain Protein”

Cherrey, B., Bender, E., Novotny, L., “Characterization of the 2QRU Protein and Observable Hydrolase Activity”

Cherrey, B., “Growth and Purification of De Novo Due Ferri Single Chain Proteins (DFsc)”

Dorsheimer, J., Luksic, W.R., “Toward the Rational Design of Photo-induced Electron Transfer (PET)-Based Fluorescent Probes: Applications in Triazine Detection”

Elghawy, O., Lippe, D., Zucker, A., Ahmed, Y., “Facile conversion of hydroxyfluorophores to aminofluorophores”

Goldstein, G., Attari, A., Segil, S., “The Interaction of Escherichia coli with Tetracycline-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes to Overcome Antibiotic Resistance”

Goldstein, A., McQueen, L., Huff, J., “Biochemical and Structural Characterization of PDB Protein 3DS8”

Harkness, J., Springmann, P., Hong, S., “Expression and kinetic evaluation of 4DIU protein“

Hawkins, S., Huynh, A., “Hydrolytic Activity of Due Ferri single chain proteins”

Johnson, B., “Modifying Clarithromycin for Attachment to Cysteine Carbon Nanaotubes”

Libenberg, H., “Synthesis of Oligonucleotide-Lipid Conjugates Bearing G-quadruplex Extensions to Analyze Micelle Stability and Cargo Release”

Manley, S., DiGinto, B., “The Motion of Ions Through Carbon Nanotubes”

McQueen, L., Jeon, A., Thomas, M., Brown, K., Palepu, C., Simoes, S., “Effects of Antibiotic-Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Antibiotic-Resistant Coliforms and Enterococci”

Schmalbach, N., “Synthesis and Analysis of a Supramolecular Coordination Compound for Photocatalytic Processes”

Schnable, B., Lauer, C., Rubino, K., “Determining the Function of the Protein 3B7F with a Known Structure”

Wike, R., Kabel, E., Shiplett, E., “Characterization of the Protein 2O14 as a Potential Hydrolase or Esterase”

2018 Chemistry Presentations and Posters

Bell, K., “Creation and Characterization of Rubrerythrin and Symerythrin Model Proteins”

Carver, J. and others, “Determining the function of protein 3B7F using in silico techniques and enzymatic activity assays”

Dorsheimer, J., “Synthesis of an o-aminophenol-based Fluorescent Probe for Monitoring Copper-oxidase Activity”

Elghawy, O. and others, “The Alkylation and Subsequent Smiles Rearrangement of Hydroxycoumarin Derivatives”

Elghawy, O. and others, ”Isolation and Characterization of Unknown Protein 1J6P”

Esposito, M. and others, “Next-Nearest-Neighbor Electronic Coupling in a Series of trans-Fe(II)Pt(IV)M(II) Trimers”

Maley, C. and others, “Isolation and Functional Determination of Unknown Protein 3DL1 Obtained from K. pneumoniae”

McCampbell, N. and others, “The Interaction of Escherichia coli with Tetracycline-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes”

Normil, N. and other,s “Using PEG-modified Graphene Oxide to Deliver Tetracycline in E. coli”

Simpson, A, and others, “The structural and functional determination of protein 3H04 through In Silico and Wet Lab techniques”

Snider Leonhauser, S., “A Pyrazine-Modified Cyanoferrate Complex for Carbon Dioxide Reduction to Methanol “

2017 Chemistry Presentations and Posters

Arinaga, A., “Pyrazine-modified cyanoferrate complexes for the photocatalytic reduction of CO2”

Esposito, M., “Synthesis of Asymmetric Trimer”

Haldeman, E., “Cam Calibration of Boron Abundance on Mars”

Hergenrother, C., “Analysis of Ionic Transport in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes”

McFarland, J., “The Interference of Carboxylate-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes with Protein Concentration Assays”

Normil, N., Gualtieri, B., Johnson, B., Lee, A., Yhap, C. “Using PEG-modified Graphene Oxide to Deliver Tetracycline in Escherichia coli”

VanDyke, B. “Copper Binding and Reactivity of de novo Designed Due Ferri Single Chain (DFsc) Protein Variants”

2016 Chemistry Presentations and Posters

Phillips, B., “Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation of Nitroalkenes to Primary Amines.”

Li, S., “Group 17: The Halogens.”

Purdie, E., “The Development of IR Analysis for Solid State Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes.”

Jacobsen, S., “Photochemical Analysis of a Carboplatin Derivative and its use for Anticancer Therapy.”

Muratori-Levit, T., “Chalcogens.”

McFarland, J., “Pnictogens.”

Maley, C., “Group XVII: The Noble Gases.”

Shull, D., “Lanthanides and Actinides.”

Hergenrother, C., “The Chemistry of the Group 2 Elements: Alkaline Earth Metals.”

Esposito, M., “Alkali Metals.”

Knappik, T., “Overview of the Boron Family.”

Arinaga, A., “A Pyrazine-Modified Cyanoferrate Complex for the Photocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide.”

2015 Chemistry Presentations and Posters

Kritz, D., “HPLC Retention Analysis of Alkyl Phenyl Stationary Phase.“

Munro, J. “Analysis of the Volatile Gas and Liquid Composition of a Sourdough Mash.”

Stoeber, J., Force, M., Rathi, R., ”Carbon nanotubes and their treatments in diseases.”

Fiorella, A., “Toxicity of Lithium Cobalt Dioxide Quantum Dots in Caenorhabditis elegans.”

Bricker, L., Nebel, L., Menges, S., Purdie, E., “Analysis of Carbon Nanotubes as Molecular Conduits.”

Fiocca, K., “Using PEG-modified Nano-graphene Oxide to Deliver Tetracycline in Resistant Escherichia coli.”

Arinaga, A., “Electrochemical and Photochemical Analysis of Mixed-Valence Compounds from Carboplatin.”

Paris, A., “Pyrazine and Asymmetric Pyrazine-Modified Cyanoferrate Complexes in the Electro- and Photochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide.”

2014 Chemistry Presentations and Posters

Paris, A., ‘Remote Coupling Abilities of Symmetric & Asymmetric Trinuclear Mixed-Valence Compounds.’

Bricker, L., ‘Analysis of the Ionic Transport Properties of Carbon Nanotubes.’

Arinaga, A., ‘Synthesis and Analysis of a Macrocyclic Platinum Square Complex, Mentor: Brian Pfennig, poster presentation.’

Obeiter, S. and Wambaugh, M., ‘Mutatins in the Anime Groups of the Lectin-like Domain of Thrombomodulin for Optimized Interactions with Complement Component C3.’

Kritz, D., ‘Synthesis and Characterization of Cyano-Bridged Mixed Valence Compounds.’

Nyein, A., ‘Nanotube Research, Mentor: Mark Ellison, poster presentation.’

Polinski, R., ‘Creation and Characterization of Rubrerythrin and Symerythrin Model Proteins.’

Biernat, K., ‘Creation and Characterization of 4-His/3-Carboxylate DFsc Proteins.’

Fiorella, A., ‘Synthesis and toxicity of Cysteine-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes with Caenorhabditis Elegans.’

2013 Chemistry Presentations and Posters

Birabaharan, J. and Ryan, J. ‘Kinetic Study of the Effect of the Enzyme Dehaloperoxidase on the Pollutant Triclosan.’                                 

Chen, H., Obeiter, S., and Pandelidis, A. ‘Interaction of Lectin-like Domain of Thrombomodulin with the Complement System.’

DiJoseph, K., ‘The Interaction of Antibiotic-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes with Escherichia coli.’      

Goetze, S. ‘Descriptive Analysis of the Group 13 Elements.’

Goetze, S. and Harvey, J. ‘Exploration of Remote Coupling of Trinuclear Mixed-Valence Compounds.’                                      

He, Y. ‘Halogen.’                                                                    

Kim, J.S., McKay, M., and Schymanski, K. ‘Analyzing the Stability of Complement Factor 3 for Use in Protein Interaction Experiments.’                                      

McCrea, M.K. ‘Synthesis and Characterization of L-Re(CO)3NCFe(CN)5 Mixed Valence Compounds.’

Nyein, A. ‘Inorganic Chem Poster.’ 

Nobiletti, N. ‘Characterization and Interaction of Thrombomodulin and Complement Factor 3 via an Optimized Pull-Down Assay.’                                        

Vazquez, M. ‘Interactions Complement component C3 and the lectin-like domain of Thrombomodulin (TM).’                                      

Pandelidis, A. ‘Boranes and Carboranes.’ 

Paris, A. ‘Group 11: The Coinage Metals.’

Paris, A., Peters, A., and Vennettilli, M. ‘An Investigation of the Electronic Coupling Matrix Element in a Series of Iron, Ruthenium and Platinum Mixed Valence Compounds.’  

Pilla, J. ‘The Silicates’      

Polinski, R. ‘Isolation and Purification of Truncated Desulfovibrio vulgaris Rubrerythrin.’                                     

Richards, G. ‘Optimizing Pull-Down Assay Conditions to Investigate the Interaction Between Complement Component C3 and Thrombomodulin.’                                      

Rigger, W. ‘1st Row Transition Metals.’

Samtani, S. ‘Analysis of the dual-function of Dehaloperoxidase in the marine polychaete Amphitrite ornata.’

Schoell, J. ‘Second Row Transition Metals.’

Schoell, J. ‘Synthesis of R-Re(CO)2-NC-Fe(CN)5 Mixed Valence Compounds.’       

Schoell, J. ‘Synthesis and Characterization of L-Re(CO)3NCFe(CN)5 Mixed Valence Compounds.’

Sutsko, N. ‘Lanthanides and Actinides:  Earth’s Rare Elements.’

2012 Chemistry Presentations and Posters

Casuras, A., Popescu, C.V. “Mossbauer Spectroscopy of Model Complexes for the Active Site of the enzyme [Fe-Fe]-hydrogenase”

*Cave, E., “”Investigation of the Use of Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in the Production of Organic Solar Cells”.

*Chen, H., “Interactions of Thrombomodulin with its Complementary System”.

*Chu, J., “Cytotoxicity of Functionalized Cysteine-Acyclovir Attached Nanotubes on Yeast Cells”.

*DiJoseph, K., “The Interaction of Carbon Nanotubes and Tetracycline with Escherichia coli”.

*Fronheiser, P., “Investigation of the Use of Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in the Production of Organic Solar Cells”.

*Goodwin, C. , “Acyclovir Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes”.

*Greco, K., “Internalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae”.

*Maider, T., “Synthesis and Reactivity Studies of Arylketene Trimers”.

*Miller, D., Vo, A., Popescu, C.V. “Spectroscopic Studies of Dehaloperoxidase from A. Ornata: Investigations of the Chemistry of Active Site with Hydrogen Peroxide and Ascorbic Acid”

*Nobiletti, N., *Richards, G., *Vazquez, M., “The Expression of Thrombomodulin in Pichia pastoris”.

*Polinski, R., *Samtani, S., Popescu C.V. “Dehaloperoxidase from Amphitrite ornata: Resting States and Intermediates Revealed by Electronic Absorption Spectroscopy”

*Schaefer, A., “Expression, purification, and analysis of the membrane glycoprotein thrombomodulin”.

*Soloff, G., “Effect of Thrombomodulin on the Complement System”.

*Yu, S., “Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Modification with DNA and Fluorescence”.