Chemistry Seminar Talks

The Chemistry Seminar course is a forum for seminar presentations by students, faculty members and visiting scientists. Seminar talks by visiting scientists are open to all.

Spring 2020 Seminar Schedule

All seminar talks by visiting scientists begin at 12:15 p.m in Pfahler Hall of Science 208 unless otherwise noted in the schedule. 

Date Title and Speaker
Fri., Feb. 7th

“Nickel and Zinc Compounds Bearing Redox Non-innocent, Catechol Derived Ligands”

by Dr. William Dougherty ’01
Susquehanna University, Department of Chemistry

Fri., Feb. 21st

“Super-resolution Imaging of Gold Nanoparticles”

by Dr. Katherine Willets
Temple University

Fri, Marl 27th


“Supercapacitive Swing Adsorption for Gas Separations”

by Kai Landskron
Lehigh University

Mon, Apr. 6th



by Mike Norris
University of Richmond

Fri., Apr. 17th


“Do Cell Membranes Flow Like Honey or Jiggle Like Jello”

by Zheng Shi
Rugters University

Past seminar talks by visiting scientists