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Chemistry Seminar Talks

The Chemistry Seminar course is a forum for seminar presentations by students, faculty members and visiting scientists. Seminar talks by visiting scientists are open to all.

Spring 2019 Seminar Schedule

All seminar talks by visiting scientists begin at 12:15 p.m in Pfahler Hall of Science 208 unless otherwise noted in the schedule. 

Date Title and Speaker
Fri., Jan. 25th     

” Examining the Chemicals in your Personal Care Products”

by Ms. Lori Lego ’06, Great Valley High School

Fri., Feb. 1st

“Designing New Self-Destructible Polymers”

by Dr. Patrick Lutz, University of Michigan


“Digital Science in the Lab: how ubiquitous computing has changed, and continues  to change, the chemistry laboratory”

by Dr. Scott C. Savett ’94, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Past seminar talks by visiting scientists

Fall 2018

“What did proteins look like 4 billion years ago?”
by Professor Vikas Nanda, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at Rutgers University

“ClampFISH detects individual nucleic-acid molecules using click chemistry-based amplificiation”
by Dr. Sara H. Rouhanifard, Department of Bioengineering, Northeastern University 

“How a Nature Products Chemist Came to Appreciate Oil Additive Chemistry”
by Dr. Jason Melvin, Technology Manager, Lubrizol Corporation 

“Investigation of a Polymer Applied to Painted Surfaces of Japanese Cedar Doors”
by Professor Georgia Arbuckle-Keil, College of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University Camden

Spin Crossover Complexes: from beautiful colors and thermochromism to quantum information storage
by Dr. Claire Besson, George Washington University

“Enabling and Elucidating Radical Reactivity Through Hypothesis-Driven Design and Mechanistic Studies”
by Dr. Amanda Turek, Yale University

“C-H Bonds and Beyond: Exploring New Complexity-Generating Synthetic Transformations”
by Dr. Thomas J. Osberger, University of Cambridge

“Experiences from Graduate and Postdoctoral Research: Investigation of Pd Catalysts for Cross - Coupling & Development of Fluorination Methodology”
by Dr. Patrick Melvin, University of Michigan

Spring 2018

“Resumes 101: How to Effectively Present Yourself as a Top Candidate”
by Jessica Server ’09, Scientific Recruiter at Kelley Scientific Resources 

“It’s Not Easy Being Green in Drug Research & Development”
by Leanna Shuster, Senior Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry at GlaxoSmithKline

“Method Development in Medicinal Chemistry”
by Dr. John Curto, Pfizer

“Using DNA as a Tool to Control Membrane Interactions and Vesicle Assembly”
by Dr. Samantha Wilner, University of Pennsylvania

“Synthetic heme-O2-copper Assemblies and Reductive O-O Cleavage Chemistry”
by Professor Ken Karlin, Johns Hopkins University

“Bud Out: Structural Insight into an Influenza Fission Facilitator”
by Professor Kathleen Howard, Swarthmore College

Fall 2017

“Modeling Binuclear Copper Active Sites with Due Ferri Single Chain (DFsc) Proteins”
by Dr. Morgan Cousins, Ursinus College

“Detection of Bacterial RNA Polymerase Transcription using an RNA Aptamer”
by Dr. Nathan Scharf, Ursinus College

“Functional Nanophotonic Devices Created by Multi-Photon Lithography”
by Dr. Stephen Kuebler, University of Central Florida

“What’s in your Shower? The Science Behind Beauty Care”
by Dr. Lyndsay Leal, Dow Chemical Co.

“How do proteins fold: Is there a single pathway?”
by Dr. Emily Guinn, Univ. of CA, Berkeley

“Using DNA as a Tool to Probe Membrane Shape and Control Membrane Interactions”
by Dr. Samantha Wilner, Univ. of Pennsylvania

“Present and Future Adventures in Glycosyltransferase Inhibitor Development”
by Dr. Sara Martin, Harvard Medical School

Spring 2017

“Looking at New Catalysts and Hydrogen Acceptors for Electrocatalysis”
by Andrea Casuras, Rutgers University

“Structural Investigation of non-canonical DNA Implicated in Cancer”
by Professor Liliya Yatsunyk, Swarthmore College

“New Vistas in the Development of Higher-Order Carbocyclization Reactions:  Emulating Terpene Biosynthesis”
by Professor P. Andrew Evans, Queen’s University

“Atmospheric Composition in Urban Environments”
by Dr. Shawn Kowal, Syracuse University

“Understanding Aggregation Induced Emission: Suppression of Kasha’s Rule”
by Dr. Morgan Cousins, University of Vermont

“Guiding Immune Responses by Germline-Targeting Vaccine Design”
by Dr. Dan Kulp, The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA

“Electrochemical Time of Flight a Method for the Rapid Determination of Diffusion Coefficients”
by Dr. Jonathan C. Moldehauer, University of Arkansas

“A Novel Manganese Cofactor Involved in DNA Replication in Pathogenic Bacteria”
by Professor Joseph Cotruvo, Penn State University

“Transition metal-catalyzed Cross Coupling of Corey-Seebach Reagents”
by Professor Jason Schmink, Bryn Mawr College

Fall 2016

“Synthetic Modification of Fluorophores for Environmental and Biological Applications”
by Professor Ryan Walvoord, Ursinus College

“Nanomaterial-Biological Interactions at Multiple Levels”
by Professor Chris Dieni, Ursinus College

“2D or not 2D? Understanding How a Single Atomic Layer of Carbon Changes Friction”
by Professor James D. Batteas, Texas A&M University

“Analysis of Formulations that Enhance the Oral Bioavailability of Poorly Soluble Drugs”
by Brian Marks,’03, Associate Principal Scientist, Merck & Co.

“Is it easy being green? Probing the structure and tuning the spectroscopic properties of the Green Fluorescent Protein using unnatural amino acids.”
by Professor Christine Phillips-Piro, Franklin & Marshall College

Spring 2016

“The Discovery Approach to Materials Synthesis from Thermoelectric Materials to Organometallic Compounds”
by Professor Benny Chan, The College of New Jersey

“pH Regulates BACE1 Enzymatic Activity and Inhibitor Binding”
by Dr. Christopher Ellis, University of Maryland

“Organic Chemistry to Enable Synthesis and Chemical Biology”
by Dr. Ryan Walvoord, University of California, Berkeley

“Adventures (and Misadventures) in Natural Product Synthesis”
by Dr. Paul Gladen, Baylor University

“Using Computational Simulations to Probe the Binding Process of the Membrane Insertion Peptide pHLIP”
by Professor Blake Mertz, West Virginia University

“From Therapeutics to Fingerprints: Using Synthetic Chemistry to Solve Diverse Problems”
by Dr. Jisun Lee, University of Pennsylvania

Fall 2015

“The Other Carbon in Ice Cores: Dissolved Organic Matter as a Proxy for Past Climatic Events”
by Vanessa Boschi ’08, University of Pennsylvania

“Reverse Micelles in Protein NMR: An exotic solution to Fundamental Problems in Biophysics and Drug Discovery”.
by Dr. Brian Fuglestad, University of Pennsylvania

“Developing Sustainable Technologies to Assist us in Living within Planetary Environmental Boundaries”
by Professor Michael Cann, University of Scranton

“Polymeric Modifications of Gold Nanoparticle Surfaces”
by Professor Lucas B. Thompson, Gettysburg College

“My Chemical Romance: Mass Spectrometry”
by Dr. Matt Crow, Dow Chemical Company

Spring 2015

“Conservation of Modern Art”
by Professor Anthony Lagalante, Villanova University

“Functionalization of Nanostructured ZnO Films by Copper-Free Click Reaction”
by Professor Elena Galoppini, Rutgers University@ Newark, Chemistry Department

“Engineering Protein Interfaces using Integrative Biology”
by Professor Dan Kulp, Scripps Research Institute

Fall 2014

“Direct Measurement of the Interaction Strength of ssDNA with Carbon Substrates”
by Professor Kyle Wagner, Ursinus College

“Programmed Cell Death Pathway of the Malaria Parasite and the Role of Cytochrome c”
by Professor Helena Prieto, Western Connecticut State University

“Chemical and Physical Routes to Improving the Capacitance of Electrodeposited Manganese Oxide Thin Films”
by Professor Anne Bentley, Lewis and Clark College

“Chemistry in Winemaking”
by Sarah Troxel ’91, Winemaker and owner, Galen Glen Winery LLC.

“S. maltophilia - from Bacterial Pathogen to Industrial Biotechnology”
by Professor Bryan W. Berger, Lehigh University

Spring 2014

“Sausage and Serendipity: Reflections on Energy Policy and Energy Policy Careers in Washington.”
by Dr. Robert M. Simon ’77

“The first Functional Model System for Flavodiiron Nitric Oxide Reductases”
by Prof. Nicolai Lehnert, University of Michigan

“The Chemistry of Cooking”
by Dr. Guy Crosby, America’s Test Kitchens

“Using Mass Spectrometry to Study the Decomposition, Fermentation and Conformation of Biological Systems”
by Professor Catherine M. Bentzley, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

“What Really Determines Molecular Structure?”
by Dr. Alex Grushow, Rider University

“Understanding Early Photographic Processes”
by France Scully Osterman, George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, N.Y.

“Development of Quantitative Paper-Based Point-of-Care Assays that do not Require Electronic Readers”
by Greg Lewis, Pennsylvania State University

Fall 2013

“An Astronaut’s Perspective: Healthcare is a Human Right!”
by Astronaut Bernard Harris Jr.

“Bioinspired and Biohybrid Molecular Architectures for Soft Materials.”
by Prof.Jon Rudick, Stony Brook University

“Biodiversity and Infectious Diseases – The Case of Lyme Disease”
by Prof. Felicia Keesing, Bard College

“From Synthesis to Submissions: My Journey to a Career in Regulatory Affairs”
by Bethany Freed Paxton, Johnson & Johnson

“Total Synthesis of Un-Natural Products: Chemical Concepts for Designing Complex Nanoscale Solids”
by Prof. Ray Schaak, Pennsylvania State University

“Binuclear Transition Metal Complexes of Macrocyclic Ligands”
by Prof. Andrea Martin, Widener University

“Multiscale Modeling of G protein-coupled Receptors”
by Prof. Alan Grossfield, University of Rochester Medical Center