Chemistry Seminar Talks

The Chemistry Seminar course is a forum for seminar presentations by students, faculty members and visiting scientists. Seminar talks by visiting scientists are open to all.

Fall 2019 Seminar Schedule

All seminar talks by visiting scientists begin at 12:15 p.m in Pfahler Hall of Science 208 unless otherwise noted in the schedule. 

Date Title and Speaker
Fri., Sept. 20th

“Structure, Function, and Inhibition of Drug Reactivating Human Gut Microbial β-Glucuronidases”

by Dr. Kristen Biernat ’14, Cato Research

Fri., Sept. 27th

“Quantitative Analysis of Drugs and Metabolites by Liquid Chromatography –
Tandem Mass Spectrometry: Application to Pediatric Clinical Studies”

by Dr. Ganesh Moorthy, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Fri., Oct. 4th

“Evaluating the Safety of Pharmaceuticals Through Extractable and Leachable Analyses”

by Dr. Donald DeCou ’88, West Pharmaceuticals

Fri., Nov. 1st

“Enantioselective [2+2] Cycloadditions Using Visible Light Photoredox Catalysis”

by Dr. Kazimer Skubi
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow Yale University, Holland Research Group

Fri., Nov. 4th

“Dye Molecule-Based Porous Organic Polymers”

by Dr. Grace Eder
Department of Chemistry, Macalester College

Fri., Nov. 8th

“Synthetic and Mechanistic Studies of Aminophosphine Ligands for Transition Metal-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling”

by Dr. Miles W. Johnson
Department of Chemistry, University of Richmond

Fri., Nov. 22nd

“Developing Synthetic Strategies for Making Solid State Materials with Applications in Renewable Energy”

by Dr. Amy Prieto
Department of Chemistry, Colorado State University

Past seminar talks by visiting scientists