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Special Programs

Ursinus College and the Department of Chemistry have a number of exciting programs for you to explore throughout the academic year or summer months.

Laboratory Assistants

Students assist in general chemistry and organic chemistry labs.

Chemistry Tutors

Students tutor others with general and organic chemistry through the College’s Tutoring ServicePASS (Peer-Assisted Study Sessions) for general and organic chemistry are held throughout the week

Chemistry Seminar Speakers

Our chemistry seminar course provides a forum for presentations by students engaging in research, faculty members, and visiting scientists.  A wide range of topics related to chemistry is offered each semester throughout the academic year.

Undergraduate Research for sophomores and juniors

CHEM-291 - One credit, one afternoon/morning per week
CHEM-391 - Two credits, two afternoons/mornings per week 

Internships in Nearby Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech Companies

Merck, Wyeth, GlaxoSmithKline, DuPont, USDA, GLA, and Richman Chemical, Inc. have employed our students. Contact Ms. Sharon Hansen in the Career and Post-Graduate Development Office for additional assistance. 

Summer Fellows Research Program

The Summer Fellows program at Ursinus allows you, as a sophomore or junior, to pursue an independent scholarly project under the close tutelage of a Chemistry faculty mentor, when both you and the professor have more time to devote exclusively to research.

Some examples of our Summer Fellows research projects are:

  • “Interaction of the Lectin-like Domain of Thrombomodulin with C3 of the Complement System” by Alex Pandelidis, mentored by Julia Koeppe
  • “Creation of Rubrerythrin and Symerythrin Model Proteins” by Rachel Polinski, mentored by Amanda Reig
  • “Attachment of Antibiotics to Carbon Nanotubes to Circumvent Resistance Mechanisms” by Frank Sirch, mentored by Mark Ellison

Summer Research at Ursinus

Preference is given to rising seniors who will use the experience to get a head start on an Honors project.  It is usually helpful to have a semester of research beforehand. 

Summer Research at Research Universities across the Country

The National Science Foundation supports undergraduate research projects at universities across the country.  Students receive a small stipend and experience what graduate school might be like. In recent years, our students have been placed at Tennessee, NC State, CUNY Staten Island, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Colorado, Syracuse, Nevada, Northwestern, Utah, among others.

Summer Fellows Program