Data Analytics

Data analytics is a combination of computer science, data management, statistics, and storytelling.

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Data analytics at Ursinus College is an interdisciplinary minor that combines statistics and computer science, preparing students to understand how to ask questions and present answers about a world in which exponentially growing amounts of quantitative data are becoming available.

The field requires the application of certain techniques and software packages to process, analyze, and interpret large data sets. Our courses are developed to ensure that students are familiar with those techniques and software packages.

Why is a Data Analytics minor valuable?

We created the minor in data analytics because of the continuing increase in computing power and the explosion of devices connect to the internet that collect data.

Why study Data Analytics at Ursinus?

  • Many data analysts enter the field through online training programs, narrowly focused boot camps, or majors or minors offered at specialized business schools. Relatively few liberal arts colleges offer data analytics programs. Ursinus College is one of just a few liberal arts colleges to offer a minor in this burgeoning field.
  • With Ursinus’s strong emphasis on the humanities, our graduates who work through the Data Analytics program bring a literary or humanistic perspective that many would agree is lacking in the discipline.
  • A data analytics minor also provides our graduates with a valuable credential on their resumes and is a field that is exploding across all industries.
  • Graduate programs in data science are growing in order to satisfy rapidly growing demand for highly-trained data professionals. This minor provides solid preparation for further studies.

How studying Data Analytics Differs from studying Statistics or Computer Science?

While data analytics does involve statistics, it places more emphasis on data management and coding than traditional statistics courses. And compared with computer science, data analytics involves a great deal more statistical analysis and interpretation.

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Nicholas Scoville

Joseph Beardwood III Chair of Mathematics and Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science