Digital Studies Courses

  • DIGS-200. Introduction to Digital Studies

    This course cultivates foundational knowledge in digital studies, providing students with an understanding of central questions in the field. In this course, students will examine what it means to be digitally literate. The course will address questions of power, privilege, and access that shape the digital world. Beginning with an historical overview, students will explore issues such as digital security and privacy, digital identities, and copyright and fair use. Along with this theoretical grounding, students will be introduced to key principles for project management and development, data analysis, visualization, and curation. While gaining familiarity with and thinking critically about a variety of tools and platforms, students will build projects that help them develop a context for informed, ethical choices about the use of technology. Required for the digital studies minor. Offered every other year. Three hours a week. Four semester hours.

Spring 2021 Digital Studies Minor Courses

  • ART-107: Digital Photography I.
  • CS-173: Introduction to Computer Science
  • HIST-176: The Crusades: A Comparative History
  • MCS-208: Journalistic Storytelling in the 21st Century
  • POL/IR 300: Research Methods in Politics

Special Topics

  • CS-472: Analyzing And Transforming Digital Music with A Computer
  • Dance 350: Screendance Seminar