Education changes lives – and it can change the world. We prepare you to do both.

Are you interested in becoming a teacher in a subject area you love? We offer preparation for Pennsylvania state certification (transferable to 45 other states) in a range of subjects, primarily for middle or high school. We not only prepare you to get a job; our rigorous, liberal arts approach to the study of education will help you develop the deep thinking and breadth of vision you’ll need to become a teacher-leader who changes lives and changes the field.

Maybe you don’t see yourself as a subject-area classroom teacher, or you’re fascinated by other aspects of education, in schools or in society at large? Our education minor will not only enrich your own educational experience and understanding; it will set the stage for you to pursue any number of graduate school and career options, such as education policy; social justice work; education law; higher education; programs in special education, elementary education, or counseling; and teaching in private schools, foreign countries, programs like Teach for America, or museums and other institutions.

Either way, you’ll find yourself in small, discussion-based classes, supported by professors and staff who get to know you and help you reach your own goals, whether in a  student teaching placement with a mentor teacher who was selected with your needs in mind; or in independent research and internships growing out of your coursework.

You- and the students and schools and institutions you go on to influence—will never be the same.

Teacher Education Program Booklet - March 2017