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Experiential Learning


Ursinus students are encouraged to work with faculty members on original research. Students interested in doing original research in education may do so as an independent study during a semester. Also, because the study of education cuts across many disciplines, students who complete Summer Fellows or an honors thesis as part of their major often do so with an educational focus and the mentorship of Education faculty as part of their project. (Majors from other departments may also complete an honors thesis with a faculty advisor in the Education department). Examples of such projects include:

  • Consilient Knowledge in Schools and Society at Large: The Case of Food as a Model for Teaching Consilience
  • The Effects of Accurate Versus Fun Retellings on Children’s Event Memory.
  • Apartheid Education in the United States and South Africa: Comparative Historical Perspectives.
  • Social Ideology and the Discourse of English Education in Japan
  • Does It Pay to Match?: The Value-Adding Impact of an Economics Degree
  • Educational Technologies: 21st Century Problem or Solution?
  • Managing Effective Community-Based Non-Profits: An Examination of Castlehaven Community Association and ACLAMO Family Centers
  • White Flight 2.0
  • The Growth of the Latino/a-American Population and its Implications on Higher Education: How Federal Legislation Prevents Latino/a Access to College


Education-related internships may be completed during either semester or over the summer. Internships can be helpful in developing individual interests within the Educational Studies Minor.

Student Teaching

Completion of student teaching as part of the teaching certification program satisfies the Ursinus College requirement for an Experiential Learning Project (XLP). Student teachers spend a semester teaching full-time in a local public school, under the supervision of an Ursinus faculty supervisor and a cooperating teacher at the school site.

Education Department

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