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Clearances for Field Experiences

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) requires that students entering public schools for observations and practicum experiences (including student teaching) must obtain the following security clearances:

  • Act 34: Pennsylvania State Criminal History Record
  • Act 114: FBI Fingerprints (Federal Criminal History Record)
  • Act 151: Pennsylvania Child Abuse Background Check
  • Tuberculosis Test

Clearances and Registration

EDUC-265, 320, 350, 375, and 443 have field experiences, and students must obtain clearances prior to being enrolled in these courses. NOTE: In the case of EDUC-265, 320, and 375, these courses will appear “grayed out” in the Course Schedule during registration, and you will be automatically waitlisted during registration until you turn in your clearances to the Education Department. Once you have done so, the Registrar will enroll you in the course(s).

Students planning to enroll in student teaching (EDUC-405) must apply for and submit to the department a new (updated) set of clearances by the beginning of the preceding semester; for example, if you plan to student teach in the spring of your senior year, you must have updated clearances in hand by the beginning of the fall semester. Clearances must be valid—that is, not more than one year old—from the beginning of student teaching through the date when it is completed.  (Step-by-step instructions for the clearance process below can be found here.)

Applying for Clearances

Act 34 – Pennsylvania State Criminal History Record

This clearance can be completed and paid for online with a credit card (cost: $22.00): Be sure to print the certificate and not just the receipt.

You can also apply by mailing this form:

Act 114 – FBI Fingerprints (Federal Criminal History Record)

You must register online by clicking on the following link: .  You will not pay at the time of registration, however at the finger print site. The payment for their service is $22.60. They will accept a check, debit card, credit card or money order. NO CASH payment is accepted.  Their phone number is 844-321-2101.

Act 151 – Pennsylvania Child Abuse Background Check

You can now apply for this clearance online and receive quick results!  Place the following link in your browser:  If need be, follow our instructions on the above mentioned instruction sheet.

You can also apply through the mail.  NOTE: the processing time for this clearance if done through the mail can be up to 6 weeks so plan ahead.

Print the following application form and submit it by mail: 

The cost is a $8 money order payable to Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. The application and money order must be mailed to the PA Department of Human Services. Make a copy of your money order and request form. You may call 717-783-6211 or 1-877-371-5422 to check on your application.

Tuberculosis (TB) Test

The test can be administered by your doctor or the Ursinus College Wellness Center (for traditional students only), 789 Main St. (610-409-3100). It should be done within three months of your first field experience. The form necessary for your results can be found by clicking on this link.

Submitting Clearances to the Education Department

Please complete the clearance process and scan/mail clearances to Carol Royce at  

Further questions

If you still have questions after reading the preceding carefully, please contact Carol Royce ( in the Education Department.