Field Experiences

Integrating Theory and Practice

Most of our courses feature a field component in which students visit local public schools, observe and take part in classroom life, and analyze those experiences in light of their academic learning. Each course provides a particular analytical focus for the field experience associated with it, ranging from theories of learning to the creation of inclusive learning environments to various aspects of curriculum and instruction. In the end, students come to perceive the subtleties of classroom events and interactions in powerful new ways.


Students enrolling in Education courses requiring field experiences must obtain security clearances.

Strong Preparation for Student Teaching

The field experience in one course in particular — EDUC-443: Methods Practicum — builds an effective pathway into the teaching profession by placing Ursinus students with potential cooperating teachers the semester before student teaching. More like an internship than simply “observations,” the Practicum enables students to spend at least 25 hours in the classroom in which they will likely student teach the following semester. When future teachers (Ursinus students) get to know and work with potential cooperating/mentor teachers in the semester before student teaching, everyone benefits.