Life After Ursinus

The Education department believes that the love of learning is sufficient reason to study any subject matter. At the same time, we appreciate that many of our students wonder how what they study might be applicable to future employment.

We believe that the liberal education our students receive at Ursinus, regardless of their major, provides them with the general skills that will help them excel in any activity—nuanced reasoning, clear writing, cogent argumentation, and experience encountering multiple competing views on important questions. Students in our educational studies programs develop these capacities as well, and, additionally, knowledge about education and schools that are germane to various careers. Some of those are listed below.

Careers in Education

Luke Schlegel teaching 9-2016

Public School Teacher Certification

You are interested in pursuing certification to change lives in the public school classroom.

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School Leadership & Alternative Pathways to Teaching

You are interested in serving and leading others.

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Counseling, Psychology & Social Work

You are interested in bringing clinical psychology and social work into schools.

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Dr. Mackler teaching in Berman Museum

Higher Education

You want to help colleges thrive in serving their students.

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Policy, Law & Advocacy

Lobbyist, laywer, advocate. You want to change the rules of the game and advocate for the less fortunate.

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Program Development & Consulting

Take your knowledge of education to unusual frontiers.

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Research & Scholarship

You love conducting research and want to do it for the rest of your life.

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