Dr. Mackler teaching in Berman Museum

Educational Studies minor

The minor is intended for students with a range of interests in education, including those who seek to pursue careers in schools (counseling, administration, private school, Teach for America, special education, higher education) and those who have a broader interest in human growth and flourishing.


A minor in Educational Studies requires EDUC-100; either EDUC-265, 280, or EDUC/PHIL-310W; and three courses from among the following (at least two of which must be EDUC):

  • EDUC-265, 270, 280, 290, 320, 330, 346, 350W, 375, 380, 491, 492; EDUC/PHIL-310W
  • PSYC-240, 340, 342
  • HEP-223 and 224 (must take both to count as one course)
  • HEP-366, 464

Students may receive departmental permission to substitute a different non-EDUC course, not on the above list, if they provide compelling evidence for its relevance to the minor. Education minors who undertake study abroad in Education may work with the department to determine adequate substitutions for required courses.

Students in the certification program automatically earn a minor in completing their pre-teaching coursework.