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Education minor

The minor is intended for students with a range of interests in education, including those who seek to pursue careers in schools (counseling, administra- tion, private school, Teach for America, special education, higher education) and those who have a broader interest in human growth and flourishing.

While the minor is an option for students who are not pursuing teaching certification, students in the certification program automatically earn a minor in completing their pre-teaching coursework.

Course requirements:

*EDUC-210, 265 

*Three from among the following (at least two courses must be EDUC):

  • EDUC-320, 350, 375, 446, 491, 492; 
  • PSYC-232, 340, 342; 
  • PSYC/NEUR-332; 
  • HEP-223 and 224 (must take both to count as one course) 
  • HEP-366, 464 

Students may receive departmental permission to substitute a different non-EDUC course, not on the above list, if they provide compelling evidence for its relevance to the minor. EDUC-446 may be taken more than once (with a new topic). Students interested in careers in teaching are encouraged to choose from among EDUC-320, 350, 375 and HEP-223, 224, 366, 464. Education minors who undertake study abroad in Education may work with the department to determine adequate substitutions for required courses.

For an Education minor advising sheet, click here!