First graduating class of educational studies major

Educational Studies Major

Educational Studies will not only enrich your own educational experience and understanding; it can prepare you to pursue graduate school and career options in various fields, including higher education, education policy, school counseling, social justice, and teaching in settings such as Teach for America, Peace Corps, and museums.


Educational Studies majors must earn a minimum of 36 credits as follows:

  • Core/foundational courses: EDUC-100, 265, 280, and EDUC/PHIL-310W;
  • Four electives from among the following: EDUC-270, 290, 320, 330, 346, 350W, 375, 380; PSYC-240, 340, 342. Students may receive departmental permission to substitute a different non-EDUC course, not on this electives list, if they provide compelling evidence for its relevance to the major. No more than two courses taken outside of the Education department can count toward the major.
  • EDUC-450. 
  • Students pursuing honors should also register for EDUC-491 and EDUC-492 in succession.
  • Students fulfill their writing requirement by taking EDUC-310W, and fulfill the oral requirement and major capstone by taking EDUC-450.

Students who complete the teaching certification program may also earn the Educational Studies major as a second major (in addition to the major in the content area) with the addition of eight credits in the Education department. At least one of the additional courses must be EDUC-280 or EDUC/PHIL-310W. Other possible courses are EDUC-270, 290, 330, 346, 380, and PSYC-340 or 342. For such students, the combination of EDUC-453 and 454 will serve as the capstone for the Educational Studies major and fulfill the oral presentation requirement. Health and Physical Education students who wish to earn the second major should include EDUC/PHIL-310W as one of their two courses, to ensure fulfillment of the “W” requirement in Education.