Teaching Certification Post-Baccalaureate

Individuals who hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university and meet departmental criteria may pursue initial state certification in one of our approved subject area programs.

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Certification Program Information (Post-Baccalaureate)

The College requires specified coursework to complete a major and a sequence of courses and field experiences in Education. Candidates for student teaching must meet overall GPA standards, as well as specified GPAs in major areas and Education courses. Students who successfully complete student teaching and pass the necessary Basic Skills and Praxis exams and coursework become eligible for Pennsylvania Department of Education Instructional I certification, which is reciprocal with 40+ other states.

All students in the teacher certification program at Ursinus College are expected to have access to a computer for their class work and to routinely check their Ursinus email to enable regular communication among students and faculty.

Admission Guidelines

For admission to the program candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements:

1.   3.0 overall grade point average (GPA) for undergraduate work

2.   The specified subject area GPA as listed under Areas of Concentration

In keeping with College policy, we consider only courses in which a grade of C or better has been earned. Additional subject area coursework may be required to meet certification requirements. Coursework that was completed several years ago may have to be repeated.

A student may begin taking courses (EDUC 100/210, 265, and 320) towards certification without being formally admitted to the program. However, this does not guarantee admission to the certification program. Please check the College Catalog carefully, since some courses do have prerequisites.

Note: Students enrolled in any education classes with required field experiences must file a PA Criminal Background Check, a PA Child Abuse History, and a Federal Criminal History Background (finger prints). They must also provide verification of a negative TB tine test.

Application Procedure

In order to apply to our program, we will need the following from you:

1.   Complete and return the application form to the Education Department, 601 E. Main Street, P.O. Box 1000, Collegeville, PA 19426-1000.

2.   Forward official transcripts of all your relevant academic work to the Education Department for a credential review in the indicated area(s) of concentration.

3.   Submit the personal statement of interest in teaching, maximum 500 words.

4.   Submit two letters of recommendation.

Once we receive the above items, we will perform a credential review. At that time we will formally inform you of the coursework you need to complete and the exams you need to pass (Praxis II, etc.) in order to qualify for State certification.

Some Education courses can be taken in the evening except for Student Teaching. However any other required courses not accepted for transfer would have to be taken in the daytime. A course list is established for each individual in the post baccalaureate program and provided at acceptance as a “credential review.” It is essential that a student have available time in the day for any required day courses in the review.

Admission to the Program

After you receive an official credential evaluation review, please notify the Education Department whether you intend to pursue certification, using the Intent to Attend form sent to you.

If you wish to proceed, you must schedule an appointment with the Education Department Chair, (610) 409-3581. A meeting with the appropriate major department advisor is possible should the applicant or Education Department Chair deem it necessary or beneficial.

Educational/State Requirements for Teacher Certification

1.   An overall GPA of at least 3.00 and an approved major department GPA

2.   An average of 3.00 in EDUC 100, 265, 320, 350W, 360, 375, 443, (HEP 355 and HEP 356 for HPE certifications take the place of EDUC 350W and EDUC 443)

3.   Major department interview and recommendation for student teaching

4.   At least a “B” in EDUC 493 and passing scores on national teaching examinations State Requirements

The State of PA Requirements

The State of PA requires a bachelor’s degree, successful completion of an approved certification program, United States citizenship (unless teaching a foreign language), and passing scores on the Praxis II exams for entry-level teaching positions. For a teaching certificate in Japanese two ACTFL tests are required (oral and written). Some states require additional examinations to begin teaching and completion of a master’s degree for permanent certification.

Pennsylvania requires U.S. Citizenship for certification. Reciprocal agreements extend certification eligibility to most states, but some states require additional certification tests. Candidates who wish to teach outside Pennsylvania should contact state education departments for further information.

Prerequisites for Student Teaching

1. Passing scores on Praxis II (and ACTFL if pursuing a Japanese certification)

2. Completed “Application for EDUC 350W and Student Teaching” and “Student Teacher Biographical Form”, as well as state medical and child abuse clearance and police background checks.

3. Interview with the Education Department.

4. At least a “B” average for Education courses EDUC 100, 265, 320, 350W, 360, 375 and 443 (HEP 355 and HEP 356 is taken in place of EDUC 350W and 443 for the HPE certifications).

5. Written recommendation from major department advisor.

Professional Semester

Professional Semester - EDUC 493 & 454
Student teachers devote the entire semester to teaching in the daytime. No other courses, day or evening should be scheduled. Students must curtail employment responsibilities during this semester. For EDUC 493, student teachers report to their placements the first day the school district convenes. They spend at least twelve weeks student teaching on a full-time basis. Once a week at night during the semester, they take an education course taught by their college supervisor (EDUC 454, Professional Applications).

Tuition, Fees and Registration


$640.00 per credit

Post-baccalaureate student dropping a class

Drop forms are available in the Education Department or at the Registrar’s office.
You need to have the Drop form signed by both your advisor and the instructor of the course as well as yourself. Turn in your form to the Education Department in order to be processed for you.

Note: Remember that you must drop a course in writing or you will receive an F. Be aware of the deadlines for dropping a class, in order to avoid receiving a WF (which acts as an F in your GPA). Your refund from courses is calculated using the date on your drop form, so it is important to be proactive on turning this in as soon as you know you need to drop.

Course Requirements and Competencies 

Area/Course Requirements

Transcript Request Form

Transcript Request Form