English and Creative Writing

English and Creative Writing: what’s in a major? 

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Potential majors in English and Creative Writing are curious, innovative, and thoughtful readers, writers, and thinkers.  They are creative (and often funny), and they care about people, ideas, and books.  They are interested in the question of how we should live together, and they’re engaged with the world around them. 

Welcome to the English & Creative Writing major for the twenty-first century.

You will hone the skills you need to navigate – and shape – a complex and rapidly changing world.  Our students engage a variety of literary, cultural, visual, and historical texts that inform who, what, and where we are today.  You will work with traditional literary texts alongside new and emerging media to develop your writing, speaking, interpersonal, and research skills, in order to thrive in dynamic environments at Ursinus and after graduation. 

Our majors get jobs.

Studies show that critical thinking, writing, and effective communication are the skills most highly sought by employers.  But the rewards of majoring in English start well before you graduate. 

  • You will dare to think creatively, both independently and collaboratively, in order to broaden your understanding of how the world works.   

  •  You will challenge yourself and others to explore new ideas, defy past assumptions, and break with traditional ways of thinking.   

  • You will join a community of students and faculty who genuinely like working – and playing – together, inside and outside of the classroom. 

  •  You will test out new ways of writing and speaking, developing your own voice across written, oral, and digital platforms. 

  • You will open up many postgraduate opportunities, including medical school, law school, graduate school, and more.  

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