Guidelines for Photos and Artwork Submissions

Deadline: Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022 at Midnight
(see separate guidelines for submission of written work)

How to Submit

  1. SUBMIT your work by email to OR Submit Photos and Artwork form submitted to the LANTERN must be digital. This may include photography (b/w or color); digitized scans or digital photographs of works in all other media, such as pastels, watercolors, oils, pen and ink, etc.; or digital compositions.
  2. TOTAL SUBMISSIONS: Each student is limited to six submissions in the category of artwork. These may be in addition to any submissions in the categories of written work.
  3. SUBJECT LINE OF EMAIL: Write only one word: Artwork. Several artworks may be submitted as separate attachments to the same email. Different emails should be used to submit in written genres, such as poetry or fiction.
  4. BODY OF EMAIL: should contain your name, address, email, phone number, the title(s) of works being submitted, and the medium (digital photography, pen and ink, pastel, etc.)
  5. TITLE OF ATTACHMENT should NOT have your name: It should have the name of the work in capitals and the medium in lower case. E.g.“BOUNDARY, pencil sketch,” or “TWO GIRLS, water color,” or “CAVE, photograph.”
  6. BODY OF ATTACHMENT should be a digital file, preferably in Jpeg format (although other popular formats will be considered) of sufficient size to translate into a quality visual on the 7x10-inch LANTERN page. Digital photographs must have a minimum of 300 DPI. (DPI can be checked using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Paint.) Scans of artworks, e.g. paintings and sketches, should be of highest available quality. If you are not able to make a high-quality scan of an artwork, a digital photograph of it may be acceptable. Be sure to place the artwork on a flat surface and to take your photograph in natural lighting to assure the best possible picture quality.

    Note: The LANTERN page is a vertical format. Art works with a vertical orientation have a better chance for acceptance, although we do consider and select some horizontal works.
  7. ACCEPTANCE AND PRIZES. Submitters will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance early in the spring semester. Accepted works are automatically entered into consideration for The LANTERN Cover Prize. The winning work appears on the cover, and the artist wins a cash award.
  8. ALL CONTRIBUTORS must respond promptly upon notification to the bio editors and should prepare to attend the LANTERN launch event in April of 2022 unless studying abroad.

Any questions? Contact visual arts editor Kate Foley (