Guidelines for Written Submissions

Deadline: Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022 at Midnight
(see separate guidelines for submission of artworks)

How to Submit

  1. SUBMIT WORK to . Each Ursinus student is limited to four written submissions, in any combination of genres. Examples: 4 poems, or 1 short story + 3 poems, or 1 play +1 story + 2 poems, etc. If you have a staff position as reader or editor for a particular genre, you are ineligible to submit in that genre. (Students may also submit up to 6 works in the Artwork category: see Artwork Submission Guidelines.)
  2. SUBJECT LINE OF EMAIL: list only the genre of submission, i.e. Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, or Drama. Several works of the same genre (e.g. Poetry) can be submitted as separate attachments to the same email. Different emails should be used to submit in different genres.
  3. BODY OF EMAIL should contain your name, address, phone number, the title(s) of the works you are submitting, and the genre (again, different emails should be used for different genres). It is especially important for you to specify if prose is Fiction or Creative Nonfiction.
  4. TITLE OF ATTACHMENT should NOT contain your name. It should have the title (or short version of the title) in all caps, and the genre in lower case. E.g. UPON DRINKING, fiction or TRAILS OF GLEE, poem or SANDBAG, creative nonfiction.
  6. Should be in Microsoft Word, in black, 12 pt. Times New Roman font
  7. Should not have author’s name on it. If your work is selected for publication, your name will be printed. We do not print works by “Anonymous”
  8. Should have a title.
  9. Poetry: SINGLE SPACE, single-space between stanzas
  10. Prose: SINGLE SPACE, INDENT PARAGRAPHS, page numbers in upper right corner. Works of more than 15 pages seldom make it into the book, and 11-15 is a tough sell.
  11. ACCEPTANCE & PRIZES. Submitters will be notified of acceptance and non-acceptance early in the spring semester. Accepted works are automatically entered into consideration for the Creager Prize, plus either the Lantern Poetry Prize or The Lantern Prose Prize, each of which carries a cash award in addition to publication.
  12. ALL CONTRIBUTORS must respond promptly to Bio Editors. Contributors are required to attend the Lantern Launch Party in April 2023 unless you are studying abroad.

Any questions? Contact Lantern editor Kate Foley (