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In addition to the laboratories in our natural sciences departments, our students have access to a range of outdoor locations, materials, and opportunties. Ursinus College is set within the Perkiomen Watershed and is close to numerous natural areas in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area.

Whittaker Environmental Research Station (WERS)

The Robert and Shurley Knaefler Whittaker Environmental Research Station (WERS) is home to research on sustainable agriculture and will serve as an anchor for community-oriented research on local gardening practices. In Spring 2013, the departments of Environmental Studies and Biology were recipients of a generous donation from Ursinus almumni Donald Whittaker, Andrew Whittaker, and Elizabeth Magrann. The result was the purchase of land once part of the Northstar (Wismer) dairy farm in Trappe. 

Whittaker Environmental Research Station

 Campus Farm

In addition to WERS, ENV students regularly spend time learning and working at the campus organic farm. In fact, ENV students were key actors in creating Ursinus’ organic farm, which serves as a resource for campus food, and designing the campus’ constructed wetland behind the baseball field. 

Students help prepare community gardening plots for a new season of planting.

Hunsberger Woods Natural Area

Students in ENV classes lead projects intended to enhance the habitat and improve local water quality in Hunsberger Woods, a borough owned park/ These efforts include the installation of rain gardens featuring native species of wetland plants as well as planting several hundred native tree and shrub species

Reforesting Hunsberger Woods