Floy Lewis Bakes Center Floy Lewis Bakes Center

The Health and Exercise Physiology Department is located in the lower level of the Flow Lewis Bakes Center. The following Health & Exercise Physiology (HEP) facilities and resources are available for students who are interested in various research opportunities.

The HAMM Lab

The Heart and Muscle Metabolism (HaMM) Lab provides research opportunities for students interested in metabolic adaptations that occur in cardiac and skeletal muscle.

The HaMM Lab

The Global Health Studies Project

The Patient Safety in Medicine Work-Group focus is on community health in Southern Africa and clinical settings, including surgical and emergency medicine, in the United States and South Africa.

The Global Health Studies Project

The REPS Lab

The Resistance Exercise, Physiology, & Sport (REPS) lab investigates human physiology and performance during exercise and sport.


The SkM Lab

The Skeletal Muscle Injury & Repair (SkM) Lab provides opportunities for students interested in pursuing research on cells.

The SkM Lab


The Translational Research and Clinical Epidemiology Laboratory will conduct human research studies that “trace” determinants of health using quantitative, qualitative, and/or mixed-methods research. Each analysis will also consider social determinants of health and the impact on human well-being.