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The HEART Laboratory provides opportunities for students interested in pursuing research on the human body.

Our Focus

The HEART laboratory examines the effects of lifestyle modifications on hypertension and endothelial function using diet and exercise interventions that are easily adaptable, portable (patients can do them anywhere), and aimed at improving health while reducing weight and cardiovascular risk.

There are a number of research studies that are currently being completed by Health & Exercise Physiology majors in the HEART lab. Research is ongoing.  View previous research studies.

The HEART lab also performs a variety of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) screening tests, including; Cardiorespiratory Fitness Testing, Flow Mediated Dilation, Blood Pressure Monitoring and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.

Deborah Feairheller

 Director, the HEART Laboratory  


The HEART Laboratory

Twitter: @the HEARTlab


Faculty Profile

  • Deborah Feairheller
    Assistant Professor, Health and Exercise Physiology
    Director, the HEART Laboratory