The Global Health Studies Project focus is on community health in Southern Africa and clinical settings, including surgical and emergency medicine, in the United States and South Africa. 

The Ursinus student research project titled “Global Health Studies Project”  is focused on understanding how frontline care-workers interpret and perform health guidelines.  Medical sociology, public health, emergency medicine, patient safety, health disparities, and qualitative methods are special interests for exploration.

Students may be interested in getting involved if they are interested in:

  • Research opportunities in surgical units and emergency departments in the United States and South Africa.
  • Gaining skills and experience in qualitative data collection and analysis.
  • Avenues for summer fellows research.
  • Careers in medicine, health professions, public health, health research, and public policy.

Learn More about The Global Health Studies Project

Read a short article on Covid 19, in which Dr. van de Ruit discusses her research. The article titled,          “Covid 19: Lessons from the Sociology of AIDS”, was recently published in Sectors, a biannual newsletter for the Sociology of Development section of the American Sociological Association.