Summer Fellows

Summer Fellows provides an excellent opportunity for the student to focus closely and exclusively on research.

As a sophomore or junior you can pursue an independent scholarly project under a Health and Exercise Physiology faculty mentor. 

Your faculty mentor will help shape and direct your project, and meetings are scheduled to bring Summer Fellows and mentors together as an intellectual community. All fellows present their research during the last week of the program, and many fellows present at Family Day, the Celebration of Student Achievement, and at professional conferences off campus.

Learn more about the specific details of the Summer Fellows Program at Ursinus College.

Recent Health and Exercise Physiology          Summer Fellows Projects


The HaMM Lab

The Patient Safety in Medicine Work Group

  • “Patient Safety in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU)” - Bridget Rauh (Mentor: Dr. Catherine van de Ruit)

The SkM Lab

  • “Effects of Macrophage Produced Wnts on Endotheial Permeability and Stress Fiber Formation” - Oniel Salik (Mentor: Dr. April Carpenter)
  • “Effects of Macrophage Produced Wnts on Endotheial Permeability and Skeletal Muscle Repair” - Sabrina Tusavitz (Mentor: Dr. April Carpenter)