Our History majors lead successful lives.

What can you do with a History major?

A very great deal, as it turns out. The success of Ursinus History students and alumni agrees with recent data on the career success of history majors nationwide. Contrary to stereotype, history students graduate with the knowledge and skills needed for lifelong success. 

Proactive Career Placement for History Majors at Ursinus 

Helping students prepare for life after college is a top priority for the department. Our department partners closely with the Office of Career and Post-graduate Development to offer a number of information sessions and alumni networking events each year.

  • Direct, in-class guidance on career preparation in sophomore and senior years
  • Direct collaboration with the Office of Career and Post-Graduate Development
  • Annual alumni speed networking night and two student-alumni relations coordinators

Wide-ranging career paths

Every year, some of our students pursue certification in secondary education with the Education Department. However, the great majority of our students take their historically refined knowledge of the world and analytical and communication skills to diverse careers, including:

  • law
  • business
  • government
  • public service
  • public history
  • museum studies,
  • diplomacy,
  • journalism
  • publishing

Careers for History Majors by the American Historical Association

The career achievements of Ursinus history alumni.

Recent Graduate & Law Schools Acceptances

  • MA in Education, Villanova University
  • University of Connecticut School of Law
  • Drexel University’s School of Law
  • M.A. in Byzantine Studies, University of Oxford (UK)
  • M.A. in History and Museum Studies, University of North Carolina—Greensboro
  • M.A. in Public History, Temple University
  • M.L.I.S. (Library and Information Science), Drexel University
  • M.S.L.S (Library Science), University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill
  • M.S. in Human Rights, University College Dublin (Ireland)
  • M.S. in International Relations, Johns Hopkins Center for Chinese and American Studies
  • M.S. in Public Policy and MBA in Nonprofit Management, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at the University of Brandeis
  • Ph.D. in Medieval History, University of Minnesota
  • Ph.D. in American Studies, University of New Mexico
  • Ph.D. in Historical Anthropology, College of William & Mary