Experiential Learning

History students fulfill the Experiential Learning Project requirement in many ways, including internships, study abroad, student teaching, and independent research/creative projects.


History students have undertaken a wide array of local and national internships, which reflects the diverse career possibilities for History majors. Internships invariably lead to personal growth, a stronger resume and broader professional network, and sometimes job offers. Faculty strongly encourage all students to consider doing at least one internship, and work proactively with the Career and Post-Graduate Development staff to help students find the best internship or externship for them.

Between 2009 and 2018, History students completed internships at 50 locations nationwide.


In addition to research in regular courses, every year some History majors undertake substantial independent research projects, under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students usually do this through the Summer Fellows program, the Honors program, or, more rarely, by taking HIST-400W.  

Additionally, History faculty have begun bringing students directly into their own scholarly work as research assistants. Collaborating with faculty on professional research is just one more unique opportunity our students enjoy.

Between 2009 and 2018, History students completed 43 independent research projects

Student Teaching

Ursinus College has a particularly strong Education Department and teaching certification program. Our majors who complete teaching certification may choose to complete a double major with Educational Studies, and they are carefully placed for student teaching with caring, experienced mentors in our best local schools. 

Study Abroad

Many History majors choose to study abroad in order to deepen their understanding of global cultures and global history. Faculty strongly encourage History majors to think big and work closely with International Education staff when planning study abroad.

Between 2012 and 2018, History students studied in 17 different cities around the world.


What UC History alumni have to say about their experiential learning:

“My study abroad experience…showed me that there is much more out in the world than was in my own USA bubble. Interacting with people from different cultures and with people with different values helped prepare me for working in a big city surrounded by different types of people.”
Kevin Bench, Class of 2009

“Doing independent research teaches you important skills about setting goals, planning a project, and executing on your plan, which are all applicable in post-college life.”
Josh Wonsidler, Class of 2012

“Summer Fellows was helpful because it taught me better time-management, analysis, and research skills. Studying abroad in Prague was an amazing experience. It was wonderful to be surrounded by such history while I was learning! It got me out of my bubble and provided me with a new perspective on the world outside of the US. I also completed an internship with the Southeasten PA First Suburbs Project, which allowed me to gain work experience. It was helpful to gain insight on having a boss and project deadlines.”
Abigail Lewis, Class of 2011

“ [By studying abroad] I learned how to live on my own for an extended period of time; how to get along with people of different backgrounds, temperaments, habits, and ideologies; and how to overcome fear and uncertainty in an unfamiliar environment.”
Helen Sieracki, Class of 2012

“My honors project was a great test in meeting deadlines, juggling priorities, and working independently, as well as being able to accept/apply feedback.”
Laura Glace Gaspar, Class of 2008