Majors and Minors

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Programs of Study Major Minor Pre-Professional Program Areas of Specialization*
Accounting   x    
African American and Africana Studies   x    
Allied Health       x
American Studies x x    
Animal Behavior   x    
Anthropology x x    
Applied Ethics   x    
Applied Physics       x
Applied Sustainability   x   x
Arabic       x
Art x x    
Art History x x    
Astrophysics       x
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology x      
Biodiversity & Wildlife Conservation   x   x
Biology x x    
Biostatistics   x    
Business x x    
Chemistry x x    
Chinese   x    
Classical Studies   x    
Climate Change   x   x
Coaching   x    
Communication and Culture       x
Communications x x    
Comparative and Global Literatures   x    
Computer Science x x    
Creative Writing x x    
Dance x x    
Data Analytics   x    
Digital Media Studies       x
Digital Studies   x    
Earth and Environmental Science   x   x
East Asian Studies x x    
Economics x x    
Educational Studies x x    
Education, Teaching Certification       x


x x    
Entrepreneurial Studies   x    
Entrepreneurship     x x
Environmental Justice   x   x
Environmental Studies and Sustainability x x    
Film Studies   x    
Finance x x    
Food Studies   x    
French x x    
Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies   x    
German x x    
German Studies   x    
Health and Society x x    
Health Science x x    
History x x    
International Relations x x    
Japanese   x    
Journalism       x
Latin   x    
Latin American Studies   x    
Legal Studies   x    
Management Studies   x    
Marine Science   x    
Mathematics x x    
Media and Communication x x    
Museum Studies   x    
Music x x    
Neuroscience x x    
Peace and Social Justice Studies   x    
Performing and Visual Arts Design and Technology x      
Philosophy x x    
Physics x x    
Politics x x    
Pre- Health Professions     x  
Pre-Engineering     x  
Pre-Law     x  
Pre-Medical Program     x  
Psychology x x    
Public Health       x
Religious Studies x x    
Science and the Common Good   x    
Scientific Computing   x    
Screen Studies       x
Sociology x x    
Spanish x x    
Statistics x x    
Theater x x    

Centers at Ursinus


Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good


Melrose Center for Global Civic Engagement


U-Imagine! The Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies


* areas of specialization typically refers to tracks or concentrations within a major or minor