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An internship is a structured and supervised professional experience for which a student has intentional learning goals, reflects actively on what he or she is learning, and receives academic credit.

Math and Computer Science are amongst the highest paying intern positions at Ursinus. 

Who qualifies for an internship?

  • Rising juniors and rising seniors
  • Earned cumulative GPA above 2.0
  • Completed 3 courses within the department that administers the internship 

What is the process of obtaining an internship?

Learn more about the process of completing a credit-bearing internship here.  

Why do an internship? 

The benefits of an internship are boundless. Students that complete an internship gain a competitive edge, obtain valuable working experience and, secure future job opportunities. Check out an extensive list of benefits from career services! 

When can I do an internship?

Students may complete an internship in the fall and/or spring semester. Most students chose to work as a full-time interns over the summer. 


How do I get an internship?

Check out the resources on the left-hand side to search for internships advertised for Ursinus students. Companies typically specify the major that they are looking for. Do not be afraid to go out and find your own internship and create a unique experience for yourself!

Where have Ursinus students interned?

Ursinus students intern all over the map! A few places that Ursinus students have recently interned are listed below. 

  • Brenntag North America
  • Comcast Cable
  • Merck & Co.
  • Milliman Inc.
  • Spectra Associates
  • Vanguard
  • Voya Financial

Student Internships